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Why You Need to Do a Food Tour in Rome

Until just a few years ago, the thought of hitting the streets of Rome with a guide to do nothing more than eat may have even sounded crazy. After all, the majority of tourists could be divided into two groups: those here to see the art and archaeology without drifting from the beaten path, and those real foodies who did all the research on their own before arriving and having a hotel concierge book their wishlist. Additionally, together with food tours you can benefit from diverse tours in Rome.

Luckily this has all changed, and now anyone who wants to explore Rome’s fantastic gastronomic traditions can book an immersive food tour for an experience that rivals simple walking tours of the historic center, as you get the real feel for the Eternal City through its myriad flavors.

Picking the Right Place to Eat in Rome

Picking the right restaurant in Rome can be a challenge… just because it looks nice doesn’t mean the food will be good!

Simply deciding on a restaurant in The Eternal City can be an exhausting task! You can surf the web, reference reviews, or just follow your nose to a nice-looking spot, but, with so many options, there’s always a risk of falling into a tourist trap!

The unfortunate truth is, since Rome is such a popular travel destination, restaurants don’t have to try very hard to get business – especially when they’re located in dreamy Roman piazzas – and quality often falls very short of the true Italian standard! Why overpay for sub-par food when you can get the real deal?

Roman Food is an Art with a History Too

Italians take a great deal of pride when it comes to their cuisine. Romans never settle for less than the freshest, local ingredients and tend to plan meals based on what produce is in season. Because of this, many traditional Roman meals are based on availability of ingredients and, turning them into something that brings families together is, indeed, an art form.

Some of Rome’s oldest meat-based dishes, made with tripe and oxtail, originated amongst the peasants long, long ago, who couldn’t afford to let any piece of protein go to waste. But the recipes and cooking methods have been handed down for centuries – allowing modern epicureans a chance to get a true taste of the times.

Food Tours Give You the Best Insider Tips

Traditional Roman pizza is made with a crispy, thin crust and a soft, moist center. Yum!

Sure, your food tour may only last a couple hours, but you get the chance to stock-pile suggestions for the rest of your trip! Pick your guide’s brain and take some notes – the food experience doesn’t have to stop when the tour does!

Savor the Little Things so Typical of Rome

Traveling in the digital age has it’s pros and cons. Sure, it’s great to have knowledge at our finger tips (i.e. “Where to eat near the Vatican?” or “Best pizza in Rome?”), but sometimes  an overload of information can keep you from truly being present. Imagine strolling between the fountains of Piazza Navona, but not looking up because you’re too focused on your GPS.

Truth is, Rome is a magical destination for details. Flower covered terraces, intricate door knockers, secret courtyards, and charming elderly folks walking their dogs. Let a guide lead the way so you can take in the full charm of the city.

Eat and Get Treated Like a Local

Italy’s cured meats and cheeses are some of the world’s finest!

Let’s face it, Rome isn’t known for being top-notch when it comes to customer service. But, on a food tour, you’re essentially walking into your destination with a friend of the staff! You won’t have to worry about being skipped in line, charged an extra table fee, or any of the other tricks in the book.

Support Local Family Businesses with History

If big-name chains and “Happy Hours” are listed on the itinerary, you’re heading in the wrong direction. Any Food Tour worth joining will take you to straight to where the locals go. Farmer’s markets, artisanal gelaterie, traditional trattorie, and ma and pop shops are prime destinations for an authentic foodie experience.

You Won’t Go Wrong with the Pairing

Don’t know about wine? Don’t worry. Let the professionals handle the pairing!

Crafting the perfect Food Tour takes a lot of time, dedication, and research (or, as some might call it, face-stuffing)! Most locals and food connoisseurs in the industry have a passion for sharing their knowledge – and when you have a good experience, it reflects well on them. As a guest, you get to go straight to the good stuff with one of the most knowledgeable of local experts. If that doesn’t convince you, what will?


Hit the historic center with a passionate local foodie to lead your gastronomical adventure through the Eternal City! We leave nothing out, starting with cheese, fine cured meats, and wine in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto. In the Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, Rome’s oldest market square, you’ll get to taste supplì, fried rice balls filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella, as well as a classic Roman Margherita pizza. Other options along the route include Italian coffee, local craft beer, and even a traditional ricotta-filled cannolo! It all depends on how big your appetite is. One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely want to save some space for the finale, a three-pasta meal in an elegant Roman enoteca.

Buon Appetito!

We hope you fulfil all your foodie desires during your time in Rome! If you’re still not sure about what to eat in Rome, check out our guide to Traditional Roman Cuisine. And, if you’re still trying to find the right restaurant for you, you can trust that we’ve done our research. Check out our recommendations for Best Non-Italian Food in Rome, Vegan Restaurants in Rome, and Top Michelin-Starred Restaurants. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a tour!

For more information or to arrange a tour check out What a Life Tours or contact us by phone +39 06 88975757/+39 334 7273299 (WhatsApp) or email at info@whatalifetours.com!

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