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Where to Stay in Rome: A Place For Everyone

The Eternal City is much more than just the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain: Rome is intricate, diverse, and offers a place that best suits every type of traveller. The city is made up of many different neighborhoods, and each of them has their own, unique qualities. While some neighborhoods boast excitement and a fast pace, others provide travellers with a serene escape. No matter the age, preference, or lifestyle, there is a breathtaking destination for everyone. When choosing where to stay for your “Roman Holiday”, keep these neighborhoods in mind to ensure the perfect type of trip for you.


Trastevere is a small, unique pocket of culture within this city. Home to university students, expats, true Romans, and everything in between, this neighborhood offers a multicultural experience in addition to its traditional cobblestone streets and authentic pizzerias. Trastevere is known for its lively nightlife: plenty of aperitivo and late-night bars can be found on every street. This small neighborhood is perfect for the traveller that looks for an authentic cornetto and caffe in the morning, sitting in a piazza and watching street performers in the afternoon, and long nights out on the town with a selection of delicious cocktails.


Conveniently placed right next to the Colosseum, Monti is truly an up-and-coming neighborhood in the Eternal City. Travellers that stay in Monti have the convenience of being only a five-minute walk to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, while also getting to experience artisanal shops, trendy restaurants, and local artists’ work. This is the part of Rome where one can find thrift shops and vegan restaurants woven in between Jazz clubs and high-end cocktail bars. Despite how close it is to Rome’s oldest monuments, here you can find a youthful, bohemian atmosphere for those who are artists at heart.

Centro Storico

Centro Storico, the city’s historic center, is where you will find your true Roman Holiday. Travellers that stay here have the advantage of being close to all of the city’s most important monuments. Take a stroll down Via del Corso, stand in awe in front of Altare della Patria, people-watch while sitting on the Spanish Steps — throw a coin into the Trevi and hope the legend is true! Those who choose to stay in Centro Storico will enjoy the pulse of Rome’s heart: ancient monuments, people from all over the globe, and a mixture of modern-life and history. This area is for the tourist who wants a luxurious getaway: here you will find beautiful luxury hotels on Via Veneto and elegant, high-end shopping near Piazza di Spagna along Via del Babuino and Via Condotti. Book your stay here if you don’t mind crowds, and want to be in the center of all the most important sights.


Away from the tourist attractions, the bustling of Vespas and crowds, is the scenic neighborhood, Monteverde. This easy-going, picturesque neighborhood is filled with serenity and authenticity. Home to the largest public park in Rome, Villa Pamphili, this area of the city is known as a tranquil reprieve from the city. Monteverde’s wide streets, local restaurants, and views overlooking the city make this a charming place for travellers looking to relax.

Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto is one of Rome’s hidden gems. Constructed in 1555, this neighborhood is filled with rich history and grand sights. Particularly fitting for gastronomic travelers, the Jewish Ghetto is known for its own delicacies: Carciofi all giuda, pizza ebraica, and supplì! Located on the Tiber River, this area is just a tram-ride away from Centro Storico and Via del Corso, while Trastevere is just across the river. Enjoy the major sights that are close-by, but return in the evening to enjoy dinner away from the crowds.


Be close to a country in the heart of the city. Staying in Prati gives you easy access to The Vatican State where you can see the jaw-dropping St. Peter’s Basilica, and even hear the Pope address the crowds! Although it is walking distance from Vatican City, Prati is a quieter area for families or anyone who wants to mingle with the locals. It is an affluent, safe neighborhood that is home to small pubs with live music and Rome’s largest indoor market, Mercato Trionfale. Here you can find fresh produce, homemade goods, and more to taste an authentic part of Rome.


Termini is where you will find Rome’s main train station, Roma Termini Railway Station. Termini is the perfect neighborhood for young travelers looking for affordable hotels and hostels. Travelers also get the benefit of being close to the train station so they can enjoy day-trips outside of the city. On the opposite side of this neighborhood is San Lorenzo, an area filled with the most popular dance clubs and bars. Here, you can find street art, university students, and some of the best places to grab dinner with friends (may we suggest the pizzeria, Mammaró, where you can get unlimited pizza and beer for just thirteen euro).

Rome is multifaceted. The entire city is made up of different energies, appealing to people of all different kinds of backgrounds, interests, and desires. No matter the circumstance, Rome has room for every type of traveller.

– Adriana DeNoble

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