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What to Do in Rome During Summer

Rome is amazing whichever time of year you choose to visit, but as the mercury starts to rise many of its best qualities shimmer through the hot days and warm nights. Beautiful seaside towns, Dolce Vita living in museum-like piazzas, and of course the cold bliss of real Italian gelato, all these things play together like an orchestra to make a truly timeless experience of the Eternal City. Check out our advice below on what to do during your trip to Rome during the summer for musings you’ll never want to forget.

Head to the Beach at One of the Seaside Towns Near Rome

A view of the fabulous seaside village of Sperlonga

Soaking in the sun on the Mediterranean Sea is a lot closer to Rome than you may think. Some of them, like Ostia, Fregene and Maccarese are even reachable by public transport, if you absolutely have to get that dip into foreign waters in. There are also a number of stunning seaside towns just to the north and south like Sperlonga, Sabaudia, Terracina, and Santa Marinella that are worth taking a day-long outing to or more.

Stroll along the shores, get your bronze-tone going, go swimming, explore nearby villages, and don’t forget to enjoy a nice seafood lunch with a view. Now, that’s what we call livin’ “la dolce vita”! Check out our list for the Roman Beaches You Won’t Want to Miss!

Enjoy a True Roman: Outdoor Cinema

In the summertime, Rome’s cinema-lovers can often be found in Trastevere or Villa Borghese, nuzzled up on picnic blankets in front of a big silver screen. Sometimes these cinematic gatherings are even set up near the Roman Forum. Classic films are often presented in their original language, but that just adds to the charm, right?

Take a Scenery Over an Outdoor Aperitivo

Among many must-dos in Rome is seating for a Spritz and some people watching

What do you imagine when someone says “Italy”? We’d be surprised if terracotta roofs and plant-filled balconies didn’t come to mind! These are just two of the details that make Italy so perfectly picturesque. What’s better than looking up to find them, you ask?

Well, enjoying a glass of vino at a rooftop bar offers an entirely new perspective – let the orange skyline surround you while you watch life go by in the cobblestone alleys and dazzling piazzas below. Find out which are Our Favourite Rooftop Bars in Rome!

Taste Some of Rome’s Finest Cuisine

You simply can’t experience a culture completely without indulging in the local food

Of course, you’re going to eat more than your fair share of pizza, pasta and gelato. But we challenge you to branch out and try some of The Most Authentic Roman Dishes to get a deeper taste for the city’s rich history and culture. You can also book our delicious Rome Food Tour with an incredible walk through the historic center’s hidden streets and neighborhoods.

Explore Rome’s Beautiful and Verdant Parks

Villa Borghese is hands down one of Europe’s most epic city parks

Rome is a world-class destination for those seeking bucket list worthy items to conquer. Historic buildings create a maze through the city’s world-class collection of art, ranging from ancient sculptures to modern street murals – and someone’s peddling delicious food on nearly every corner! There’s certainly no shortage of things to see.

But sometimes we just need to take a step into a lush, green escape and catch our breath. Fortunately, Rome is home to some exquisite parks. Pack a picnic and take a small rowboat excursion in Villa Borghese or ride a bike along the ancient Roman aqueducts in Parco degli Acquedotti. Check out our top picks for Rome parks.

Have a Late-Night Adventure with Music and Drinks

One of the best ways to avoid the scorching summer sun is to go out at night! Hit the city’s best night clubs or book a reservation at a speakeasy or enjoy some live jazz music!

Escape the Heat Inside One of Rome’s Many Museums

While the Borghese Gallery and Vatican Museums are truly spectacular must-sees, once you’ve explored them you’ve only just begun your art-appreciation journey through the Eternal City, home to a truly unfathomable amount of galleries and churches.

Check out the lesser known treasures, like Villa Doria Pamphilj or Palazzo Barberini. Contemporary art fan? Give the Maxxi or the Macro a go. You won’t regret checking out The City’s Most Under-Rated Gems and Contemporary Art Galleries!

Explore the Region Surrounding Rome

You can even reach Florence from Rome and still be back in time for dinner!

That’s what all the Romans do! The Eternal City is surrounded by charming Italian villages, each with it’s own unique allure. Civita da Bagnoregio is built on a crumbling mountaintop, Parco dei Mostri is loaded with creepy 16th century sculptures, and Tivoli is home to Hadrian’s Villa. Discover the Top 10 Day Trips from Rome.

If you’d prefer a hassle free one-day expedition to one of Italy’s greater highlights, join us on Guided Day Trips to Florence, Pompeii, Positano, or Siena!

Enjoy Italian Opera Under the Stars

Every year Rome’s Teatro del Opera hosts seasonal performances amongst the ruins of the ancient Baths of Caracalla. Like, they literally set the stage at the very center of the archaeological site – and the ambience is stunning! We’ve yet to think of a more romantic idea for a summer date in Rome.

Discover an Array of Art in the Eternal City – for Free!

You don’t have to spend a dime to discover top-notch art in Rome – the city’s churches are filled with wonderful masterworks. Check out our Guide to Master Artists in Rome’s Churches – with stops including artistic contributions by Michelangelo, Bernini, Caravaggio, and Raphael.

If you’re ready for a change of pace, the Free Contemporary Art Galleries will offer just the fix!

Eat All the Gelato Your Heart Desires

Nothing beats real Italian gelato!

When in Rome, there’s no shame in savouring two or even three servings of gelato per day! Go wild and make it your goal to try all 10 of the Top Gelaterias in Rome!

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