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Vegetarian Guide to Rome

Vegetarian in The Eternal City

Although cheese pizzas and veggie kinds of pasta can be found on every corner, we thought we could offer a bit of guidance to those seeking a wider veggie variety in Rome. Our brief guide includes some of our favorite vegetarian eateries – as well as a descriptive list of some meatless Roman dishes that can be found in most typical restaurants! See some of our top picks here and also check out our Best Vegan Restaurants for more healthy, happy food!



Via Bergamo 56, 068411769

Tues-Sun 8:30am-11:30pm, Mon 8:30am-3:30pm

This cute little locale focuses on vegetarian eating with some vegan options. It’s a perfect breakfast stop for a vegan croissant (or “cornetto”) and almond milk cappuccino. For lunch and dinner, help yourself to a Mediterranean buffet where you pay for your food according to its weight. For the buffet, cold dishes are served from 12 pm-3:30 pm while hot dishes are served 12:30 pm-3:30 pm and 7:30 pm-10:30 pm for dinner.



Piazza di Porta San Paolo 6A, 065747778

Mon-Sat 7am-9pm; Sun 8am-4pm

This Vegetarian and Vegan kitchen is dedicated to serving the finest quality foods, 100% natural. They’re open for breakfast every day and their lunch buffet contains a wide variety of goodies to mix and match, as you’ll pay by the weight. Wash your munchies down with a nice glass of 100% bio beer or wine, too, with an especially good deal at happy hour!



Via Margutta 118, 0632650577

Open daily 12pm-3:30pm, 7pm-11:30pm

Dine in the artisanal district of the historical center at Il Margutta, an elegant vegetarian restaurant with a warm ambiance and a nice collection of art and indoor plants. This is more of a “date night” stop compared to our other mentions, where you can get dinner as well as cocktails and enjoy a romantic walk through the city center after dessert. It’d be wise to make a reservation in advance!



Via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli 142, 0645678050

Open daily, 12:30pm-3pm; 7pm-12am

A central location, bright atmosphere, spacious dining area, and affordable lunch and brunch deals have earned this veggie eatery a spot on our list. You can’t really beat a 9 euro lunch buffet – especially when all options are vegetarian food, Italian style, made with fresh local ingredients. The 15 euro weekend brunch buffet is another great reason to stop in!



Largo Febo 2, 06682831

Open daily, 7pm-10:15pm

In Piazza Navona, the rooftop terrace of the Raphael Hotel offers perhaps one of the finest dining experiences a vegetarian could have in Rome at its restaurant: Mater Terrae. Five-star chefs Pietro Leemann and Ettore Moliteo have concocted a brilliant menu with an array of vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, and even vegan dishes. Decadent cheese plates, tempura fried assortments, and authentic handmade pasta make this menu absolutely exquisite! The view from the terrace is just the icing on the cake.



Via Euclide Turba 6/8, 063729134

Open Daily, 12pm-3pm, 8pm-11pm

This charming locale offers an authentic Roman dining experience, but without the stress of wondering if any meat is going to slip into your dish. Antipasti, first and second courses, and a variety of desserts are all included! It is 100% vegetarian – and equally yummy!



Via dei Latini 51, 064465043

Tues-Sun 12:30pm-11pm

Bistrot Veg & Veg ticks a lot of our boxes with a lovely ambiance, friendly service, central location, and an excellent music playlist. But, more importantly, the vegan and vegetarian options are always fresh and tasty and it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful list of wines to choose from!

Also, see our blog on vegan restaurants including local favorites like Romeow Cat Bistrot and So What.


***It’s always a good idea to specify that you are vegetarian to be sure that no meat is added, as recipes can vary from place to place

Cacio e Pepe – Usually made with spaghetti, pecorino cheese, and black pepper

Spaghetti all Pomodoro – Anything “all Pomodoro” is simply served with tomato sauce

Spaghetti aglio olio e pepperoncino – Spaghetti with garlic, oils, and chili peppers

Penne Alla Vodka – Penne pasta in a creamy sauce, sometimes made with bits of meat – so be sure to ask!

Pesto – Pasta or gnocchi served in pesto sauce are both delicious and 100% vegetarian

Pasta e Ceci alla Romana – Like a minestrone soup with noodles and chickpeas, yum!

Pizza Margherita – A Roman classic with tomato, mozzarella, and basil

Pizza Bufala – Like the Margherita, but made with buffalo mozzarella. Rich and delicious!

Quatro Formaggio – A super pizza with 4 types of cheese, what’s not to love?

Risotto – A fluffy rice dish often served with asparagus, mushrooms, or pumpkin

Gnocchi – Fluffy potato balls served in a tomato, pesto, or even cheese sauce

Artichokes – A very typical antipasto or side dish in Rome, when in season

Cheese plates – If you love cheese, you can’t go wrong with a big ol’ plate of cheese and bread

“Buon Appetito!” From What A Life Tours

***All information and hours are liable to change according to each restaurant and holiday. We have shared contact information and suggest double-checking before venturing out as well as asking about the products in each product if the restaurant is not specifically vegan or vegetarian.

Author: April Nicole

April is an American writer and photographer who has lived in Rome since 2013. She enjoys exploring the museums of the city, as well as indulging in authentic Italian cuisine!

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