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Our Vatican bestseller – and for good reason! View the Sistine Chapel before the crowds and explore the rest of the marvels with an official Vatican tour guide. Traveling in a group of 12 guests or fewer, you’re guaranteed an interactive experience on this early morning tour of the Vatican.

Why you'll love this tour

  • With a 1-hour head start on the general public, you’ll have first crack at viewing the Sistine Chapel.

  • All of our Vatican early morning tours include a complimentary pre-tour breakfast in our office.

  • Good things come in small packages; like our groups of 12 guests or fewer – personalized attention guaranteed!

Tour description

Get the perfect start to an unforgettable day

If you’re looking to treat yourself, you’ve come to the right people! While most other tour companies meet alongside heavily trafficked streets or in over-priced cafes, we invite you to a complimentary breakfast in our cozy What a Life office before heading to the Vatican (which just so happens to be right next door). When the museum gates swing open at 8:00 am and we waltz right in, you’ll be the envy of the general public crowd. Though this type of exclusive access to Rome’s major sights is certainly one of our keys to success; the real secret behind our 2700+ rave reviews is simple – we keep things interactive! Our groups are small by design (12 people or fewer!) so that you can truly connect with you guide. Feel free to comment, challenge and ask questions!

The Sistine Chapel – as it was meant to be experienced

Once inside the Museums, it's straight to the main event – the Sistine Chapel. Gaze upon Michelangelo’s much-appraised ceiling in awe, sharing the space with only a fraction of the visitors present during regular opening hours. Take your time – and savor each moment – because this is an experience you’ll never want to forget! Incredibly, some 25,000 people visit this world-famous chapel every day but, unfortunately, most of them are herded through without really understanding what they're looking at. Michelangelo’s enigmatic frescoes are brimming with symbolism, but it can go completely unnoticed if you don’t know what to look for – and that’s where the insider expertise of our guides comes into play!

Sculptures, maps and tapestries lead the way to St. Peter’s

Leaving the locale of Papal conclaves behind us, we’ll work our way back through the museums, savoring the finer details of the multitude of artworks. Some of the most famous and influential works of art can be found amongst the Vatican’s gigantic collection. Of course, we won’t forget to cover the highlights, like the iconic Lacoöon sculpture and the dazzling Raphael Rooms, but we’ll also show you some of those tucked-away gems that only an insider would know about. The Basilica of St. Peter is the perfect place to conclude our Vatican early morning tour. Every inch of this 240,000 square foot church is breathtaking, but our tour goes beyond the gold & splendor, revealing a history filled with dark tales of death, deceit and debauchery. Feast our eyes on Michelangelo's his deeply touching sculpture, the Pietà, and admire the stunning interior of the dome. Last but not least, touch the worn bronze foot of St. Peter's Enthroned  – legend has it that doing so might earn you a special blessing!

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