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VIP Private Colosseum Tour

with the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Overall rating:
Private Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 11 reviews.
5 1
Group size: Private Language: English Duration: 3 hrs Start Time: Multiple AM & PM

Indulge yourself in the Luxury Travel Guide award winner for ‘Historical Tour of the Year 2019’. This incredible Private Colosseum Tour covers it all, the Colosseum inside and out, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, each area artfully directed by a passionate expert in ancient archaeology on an itinerary that will satisfy your every curiosity.

At a Glance Why You’ll Love It

private colosseum tour
Benefit from skip-the-line entry as you breeze right past the long general admission lines and security check to go straight inside the iconic Colosseum.
Follow the perfect route through the Colosseum, including the 2nd Tier, for amazing views of this ancient marvel, then explore the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
Your private guide will be by your side the entire time to provide personal attention and insight throughout the tour. No stone goes unturned here.

Tour Summary Get in the Know

The Roman Colosseum Seen As It Should Be

What could be better than skip-the-line entry to one of the world’s most visited and iconic monuments? How about an award-winning tour company and a private historian versed in all things Ancient Roman to guide you through it. This private tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum cuts no corners, taking you to the center of the fascinating ruins of one of the greatest civilizations ever.

Our private Colosseum tour is designed for history buffs and curious travelers alike, with the common thread of leaving standard tours in the dust. Not only will you have the full and complete attention of your guide, you’ll also be able to customize the tour based on your preferences, which means spending more time exploring the Forum, or seeing specific areas of the Palatine Hill. Whatever the case, you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy your personal expert’s invaluable insight.

Flavian Ampitheater Come Back to Life

Ask any Ancient Roman where the Colosseum was, and they would have shrugged at you or worse. When the travertine stone was white, shiny and new, Rome’s massive arena was called the Flavian Amphitheater after the imperial dynasty that had it built in 80 AD. The rest is history, a bloody one at that, of wild animal hunts, public executions, gladiatorial combat and even mock naval battles. One thing’s for sure, your guide will separate fact from myth.

Follow your private archeologist inside to the best vantage points around the 2nd Tier, where the the patrician and knightly classes sat, then down to the arena level to see where the Emperor’s tribune once stood. Your guide will reconstruct the Colosseum for you in all its historic glory, from the innovative architecture, feats of engineering, and public’s attitude towards mortal combat, to detailed descriptions on the gladiators themselves. By tour’s end, you’ll agree the Colosseum is still very much alive today.

Inside the Roman Forum Heart of the Empire

After the Colosseum you’ll stand before the Arch of Constantine, built by Rome’s first Christian emperor in the early 4th century AD, before heading into the Roman Forum. Welcome to one of the most influential archeological sites on the planet. As you explore among the mighty columns and ruins of temples, your guide will transport you back in time to when this was the political center of the Roman Empire, pointing out the incredible details that have survived across millennia within the temples of Vesta and Saturn, as well as the exact spot where Julius Caesar’s funeral pyre burned and more.

With a detailed Forum visit under your belt, you’ll then walk up the Palatine Hill for sweeping views over Rome. This is the exact spot chosen by Romulus to found his city, so a fitting finale to your exploration of Ancient Rome from apex to origin.

What you’ll See Along the Way

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Tour Highlights

  • Colosseum Outside
  • Colosseum Inside
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Roman Forum
  • Basilica of Aemilia
  • Arch of Septimius Severus
  • Temple of Castor & Pollux
  • Temple of Caesar
  • Temple of Vesta
  • Basilica of Maxentius
  • Temple of Saturn
  • Temple of Antonius & Faustina
  • Arch of Titus
  • Palatine Hill
  • Palace of Domitian


  • Skip-the-line access to all sites
  • Expert English-speaking tour guide
  • Private customizable tour
  • All tickets and reservations
  • Headsets to hear the guide clearly

Private Colosseum Tour

What Our Customers Say…

Private Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 11 reviews.
5 1

Colosseum with excellent guide, Martina

Martina was not only extremely passionate for her job but had so much insight and knowledge to share about each site. Big applause and hug to her. Getting around these busy sights on your own can be a bit daunting and tiresome, hence will recommend to book tours with what a life tours, they make it look so easy and have wonderful guides such as Martina to execute. It was worth every single penny spent.
- Sean T

Martina was Marvelous!

We really enjoyed our tour with Martina through the Coliseum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. She is extremely knowledgeable and has an excellent rapport with her audience. In addition, I enjoyed her sense of humor. This was a fabulous experience.
- Beth B

Simply Amazing!

Our tour of the Colleseum, Palatine gardens, Forum and surrrounding ruins was fascinating! Michele was so knowledgeable, engaging, funny and informative.....a pleasure to spend three hours with! The private tour for two was so well worth it! This Group is tops!!!
- Wendy M

Great day in Rome!

Martina was fantastic, she showed us everything we could have hoped to see and taught us even more. We couldn’t have had a better guide and tour despite the rainy weather.
- Daniel P

Coliseum and Palentine Hill and Forum

My family of four and my mom Spent 3 hours with Valeria today. She was knowledgeable (studied archeology), spent some time studying at Berkeley from folks from the States and was funny. She kept it moving, had all the answers and hit the highlights. Yes u can’t see everything in 3 hours but she made us feel we saw enough. Best tour we went on on our trip to Florence and Roma thanks to her. Perfect way to end the trip.
- Jac C

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