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Semi-Private Pompeii Day Trip from Rome

  • Group Size:
    Group Size: Max 7
  • Language:
    Language: English
  • Duration:
    Duration: 12 hrs
  • Start:
    Start: 7.00 AM
  • Price:
    Price: From 119 €
  • Cancelation:
    Including: Skip the line tickets

Tour Overview

Explore the iconic ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, and take in the incredible Mediterranean atmosphere along the Amalfi Coast on our semi-private day trip from Rome to Pompeii with the dazzling town of Positano. Luxury transportation and group size capped at just 7 people mean your experience of these UNESCO masterpieces will be simply flawless.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the Ruins of Pompeii
  • Go Inside Ancient Buildings
  • See the Famous ‘Death Casts’
  • Experience Stunning Mediterranean Scenery
  • Enjoy a Refreshing Limoncello
  • Get Free Time in Positano
  • Shop for Unique Local Crafts

What's included

  • Expert English-speaking guide for Pompeii
  • 2-hour private tour of Pompeii
  • All tickets and reservations
  • A luxury vehicle with a driver guide
  • Stop in Positano for lunch and sightseeing

What you’ll See Along the Way

Experience Stunning Mediterranean Scenery

Enjoy a Refreshing Limoncello

Get Free Time in Positano

Shop for Unique Local Crafts

Explore the Ruins of Pompeii

Go Inside Ancient Buildings

See the Famous 'Death Casts'

Tour Summary Get in the Know

Discovering the Ruins of Pompeii Italy’s Lost City

Pompeii is one of the most unique archaeological sites in the world, and definitely the only one that puts you in a time machine to experience what it must have been like on a fateful day in August 79 AD when Mt. Vesuvius erupted. This is one sight that you need to see at least once in your life so don’t let this Italian vacation go without it.

After a comfortable ride in luxury transportation reserved for your group only, you’ll be handed over to an expert Pompeii archaeologist to guide you through the most compelling and enigmatic areas of this ancient city that were literally frozen in time under 30 feet of ash and pumice. Walk on the famous stone slabs of its streets still marked today with chariot tracks and learn about the daily lives (and habits) of its inhabitants.

On your guided visit you’ll walk into homes, admire vibrant frescos, see ancient taverns and stand in awe of the Forum, framed by Mt. Vesuvius itself, all the while discovering their unique history. You’ll even see the plaster casts of the victims themselves stopped like a photograph in their last breathing moments.

Take Italy’s Most Scenic Route Along the Amalfi Coast

The Bay of Naples is a treasure trove not only for its abundance of ancient sites but also for the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast. This is by far one of the most unique and drop-dead gorgeous landscapes in the world, as peaks as high as 5 thousand feet jut out of the Mediterranean’s crystalline waters, the emerald slopes dotted with tiny colorful villages.

Your driver will take you along the Amalfi Coast scenic drive, a narrow stretch of road carved into the side of the rock, with ample stops to take it all in. One of the best panoramas is over the Gulf of Sorrento, from where you’ll be able to see Capri, Naples, Mt. Vesuvius, and Sorrento all from a single vantage point. With a ‘limoncello’ in hand, you’ll think that the day has reached its climax, but just wait till you cross the Sorrentine Peninsula and roll into Positano.

Visit Dazzling Positano Jewel of the Amalfi Riviera

Many people ask themselves if it is worth it to visit the Amalfi Coast from Rome, and our answer is a solid “Yes!”, especially if time constraints won’t allow you to spend multiple days exploring southern Italy. Positano is small, vibrant, and characteristic, with a mesmerizing atmosphere you’ll only find right here.

The best way to experience Positano is by taking advantage of your free time, so you will be able to capture the exact facet of this magical place that you came for. You can visit sights like Santa Maria Assunta church, go souvenir shopping for exquisite linens or handmade leather sandals, as well as take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea at the Marina Grande or Fornillo beaches (bring a swimsuit!).

One thing you won’t want to miss is lunch, so plan on pairing any one of these activities with a delicious Italian meal.

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Semi-Private Pompeii Day Trip from Rome

What our Customers say...

Well Worth it

We opted for a private day tour from Rome to Pompeii and the Amalfi coast which was well worth the drive and early rise and was made even more comfortable by our friendly and knowledgeable driver. Our excellent guide Andrea chose the best areas to give us an insight into the town, and was passionate about Pompeii's history. We did some other tours in Italy with other tour companies but I can honestly say that I would choose What a Life Tours over the rest.”

Amazing experience

So amazing and informative! There is no comparison to having a knowledgeable guide showing the sites and explaining the history. Valentino drove us to Pompeii/Amalfi Coast with Giusy as our Pompeii guide. Everyone enriched us with their knowledge and details that one would never know touring alone. I am a travel agent with Dream Vacations and will definitely recommend your company to my future clients.”

A day to remember

My wife wanted to see Pompeii during our recent trip to Italy. Basically her main request. I spent what seems hours going back and forth with various tour offers and happen to come upon "What a life" It should be "What a find!" - first, the price was just slightly more than three of us in a bus tour from Rome and back. The day started off with Patrick arriving in a lovely full size van to pick us up at our hotel front door. It was a long day - almost 13 hours but it none of us felt it straining. I 100% recommend if you want to tour Pompeii and the Naples area to use What a life tours. You won't regret it.”

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