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Colosseum Under the Moon Night Tour

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    Language: English
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    Duration: 2.5 hrs
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Tour Overview

An incredible opportunity awaits you after dark in Ancient Rome! See the world’s most iconic monument to antiquity with one of our top-rated guides to lead the way on our Colosseum night tour. Skip lines and avoid daytime crowds altogether with an after-hours tour so you can revel in the depth of this unparalleled experience, which includes access to the Arena Floor and Colosseum Underground while the entire Colosseum is closed to the general public.

Tour Highlights

  • Colosseum
  • Arena Floor
  • Colosseum Underground
  • Via dei Fori Imperiali
  • Roman Forum Views
  • Capitoline Hill
  • Altare Della Patria
  • Piazza Venezia

What's included

  • Skip-the-line access to all sites
  • Expert English-speaking tour guide
  • Small group
  • All tickets and reservations
  • Headsets to hear the guide clearly
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Tour Summary Get in the Know

The Colosseum at Night Under a New Light

Indulge yourself in a moonlit exploration of the Roman Forum and Colosseum on our Colosseum night tour. With evening hours recently expanded, we can now offer our guests a more exclusive and intimate visit to the world’s most iconic amphitheater. While the lack of crowds and lines provide clear advantages, going “behind the scenes” into the restricted access Colosseum Underground and setting foot on the coveted Arena Floor certainly bump this Colosseum tour up an extra notch – making it a truly unmissable evening adventure.

Though the gates to the Roman Forum actually close before sundown, we propose an even better way to examine the ruins from above. Perch up near Piazza del Campidoglio and take in the most stunning view of The Eternal City while your guide imparts some historical wisdom upon your ears. Our passionate Rome experts have undying enthusiasm for Rome’s past, as well as a knack for storytelling, which makes poring over a 2,000-year-long history, seem like a piece of cake, and your curiosity will lead you to want to ask more.

Explore the Forum from Capitoline Hill

Meet up with one of our top-rated Roman experts in Piazza Venezia, where the modern and ancient worlds of Rome meet in the footsteps of the Victor Emanuel monument. This grand and imposing structure illuminates the square at the end of Rome’s main street, Via del Corso, to the very center of ancient Roman life. Stroll along the cobblestones of the empire and prepare to be amazed as we lead you off the beaten path to tucked-away corners and breathtaking views.

With a bird’s eye view over the Roman Forum, you’ll learn about the birth of the city itself while temples, triumphal arches, and basilicas glisten in the moonlight below. Michelangelo fans will be especially pleased to tread through his famous Piazza del Campidoglio, crowned by the famous equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius. Our limited group sizes, along with the lack of noisy daytime traffic and crowds, provide each guest with the opportunity to have a truly immersive experience, during which the magic, history, and atmosphere of the Eternal City come to life again from the shadows.

The Colosseum at Night As Evocative as it Gets

While the Colosseum welcomes up to 30,000 visitors per day, the evening hours offer a much more delightful overall experience. You’ll get the imperial treatment as ropes are unhooked allowing you to enter restricted areas normally closed to the general public day and night. Delve deeper than most visitors go with a descent into the Colosseum Underground, or “hypogeum” in Latin, which encompasses the ancient subterranean tunnels that were once used as the backstage for grand Gladiatorial productions.

Ponder the engineering skills and technological advances which made this arena the par excellence venue for extravagant events, such as the “panem et circenses” (“bread and circuses”) which were attended by more than 50,000 hungry entertainment-seekers at a time. But the grandest of all finales, we must admit, is a walk on the Arena Floor itself through the ancient Porta Libitinaria. Taking center stage in the footsteps of Roman gladiators and emperors under a starlit sky is, in a word, simply unforgettable.

What you’ll See Along the Way


Same Colosseum, new experience. There’s really nothing like exploring the ancient amphitheatre after dark. Made of travertine, tufo, and concrete, this colossal structure has been standing strong since 80 AD. The sheer mass of its size and depth of its history are nearly impossible to fathom, but the best way to contemplate them is by standing within its walls. Nighttime offers a more tranquil experience, with exclusive access to multiple layers of the arena, from the stage to the underground dungeons, and no crowds to push through.

Arena Floor

Although millions of tourists make their way to the Colosseum each year, only select groups pass the metaphorical red tape and step foot onto the stage floor. The word arena comes from the Latin word “Harena” which means “sand”. This is because the wooden stage was always covered with a layer of dirt, which set the scene for elaborate entertainment displays, such as gladiator duals and reenactments of exotic hunts and war battles. Little remains of the original floor, but if standing on the very ground where ancient gladiators and beasts fought to their deaths doesn’t move you, perhaps nothing will.

Colosseum Underground

The Colosseum underground is commonly referred to as the Hypogeum, from the Greek “hypo” meaning “under” and “gaia” meaning earth. Privileged access to the hypogeum allows visitors a chance to revel in the highly advanced technological ingenuity of Ancient Rome. This vast underground network once covered 6 acres with 2 subterranean levels. Amongst the dungeons, cells, passageways, trap doors, and pulley systems, the animals, slaves, and gladiators alike would await their grand entrance to the arena floor.

Via dei Fori Imperiali

They say “all roads lead to Rome” but, in this case, it’s actually true. While Italian dictator Benito Mussolini inaugurated this broad street in the early 20th century, its edges are flanked by the 2,000 year old ruins of the Roman Forum and Imperial Forums. Running from Piazza Venezia to the Colosseum, there are frequent excavations around the area as much of ancient Rome has yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, this is the road to follow if you’re looking to discover the very heart of Rome.

Roman Forum Views

Resting between the Palatine and Capitoline hills are 40 acres of sprawling Roman ruins in what was once considered to be the most celebrated meeting place in the world: The Roman Forum. From the neighboring hills, one can gaze upon the treasured remains of the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of the Vestal Virgins, and the Temple of Vespasian, as well as the seemingly indestructible victory arches of Septimius Severus and Titus. Amongst these relics, Romans held triumphal processions, elections, criminal trials and public speeches. Needless to say, history runs deep within the forum.

Capitoline Hill

Capitoline Hill is the smallest of Rome’s hills, but it is undoubtedly the most important. In ancient times, it served as the geographical, political, and ceremonial center, with important buildings like the Temple of Jupiter and the tabularium (official records office) nestled securely on top. While the ancient ruins are almost completely covered by Medieval and Renaissance palaces, the political seat has not moved much in 2,000 years. Today, the mayor’s office sits on its peak, bordering Michelangelo’s impeccable Piazza del Campidoglio, not to mention the iconic equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius.

Altare della Patria

A more recent addition to the Roman landscape, this massive 1925 monument stands at a staggering 266 feet tall and boasts an enormous bronze sculpture of Victor Emanuel in its center. It’s white travertine façade and unique shape have earned it nicknames such as “The Wedding Cake” and “The Typewriter”. Posted between Piazza Venezia and the Roman Forum, this layered structure not only offers a compelling climb amongst stairways, columns, and sculptures, but also a spectacular 360 degree view of the city.

Piazza Venezia

Throughout the centuries, the bordering palazzi of this square have housed popes, cardinals, and even famous French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. In the early 20th century, Benito Mussolini famously perched himself on the balcony of Palazzo Venezia to deliver his rousing speeches, including the declaration of War on Britain in 1940, to the gathered masses below. In much more recent history, 2009 to be exact, archaeologists discovered Hadrian’s 2,000 year old Athenaeum (school of literacy and science) beneath the Southeast edge of the piazza, which is still under excavation today.


Colosseum Under the Moon Tour

What our Customers say...

What a great tour!

A couple years ago our friends were fortunate enough to have Marcello as their guide so when travel took all of us back to Rome, of course we requested Marcello for our Colosseum night tour. Marcello gave us detailed historical information and was engaging and fun. He is very passionate about Rome's history and we certainly learned a lot. I would definitely recommend What a Life Tours. Thank you so much, Marcello, for a wonderful evening and day in Ro...

Colosseum at Night

Oh my! What a wonderful tour! I can’t say enough about our tour guide, Val! She is the absolute best! This tour also took us underground to see where the slaves, criminals and animals were kept before the “games.” This is after hours so it was an amazing feeling, having the Colosseum to ourselves. Val was full of knowledge and information about the history of the Colosseum. She has a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh. A word to the wise, when in Rome, use What a Life Tours and INSIST on Val as your guide!! ♥️♥️♥️”

A high recommendation!

I cannot recommend this enough!! For over an hour we were in a small group navigating this venue with no lines, a skilled guide-from the venue staff, and amazing photo opportunities. Trust me if you have to short list your tour options— do this one! It is much cooler at night time and you also see the forum and Venizia piazza—our favorite tour so far— thank you Val!!”

Best part of our trip to Rome!

Loved this Colosseum at Night tour. Our guide was super knowledgeable, and being able to experience the Colosseum at night was AMAZING. The Roman Forum afterwards was especially interesting. MUST DO if you have the time!”


Giuliano was by far the BEST tour guide we've ever had! It was the most entertaining tour we've been on.”

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