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Authentic Tastes of Rome Food Tour

  • Group Size:
    Group Size: Max 10
  • Language:
    Language: English
  • Duration:
    Duration: 3.5 hrs
  • Start:
    Start: 5:45 PM
  • Price:
    Price: From 104 €
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    Cancellation: Free Cancellation*

Tour Overview

Uncover the Eternal City’s tantalizing flavors with traditional Roman cuisine and regional Italian favorites. Led by a passionate local food-lover, your small group of 10 people or fewer will get unique insight into Rome’s local culinary culture on this mouth-watering guided food tour through its tiny cobbled streets with street food tastings and a sit-down 3 pasta dinner with wine.

Tour Highlights

  • Meet in the Heart of the Jewish Ghetto
  • Taste the Best in Seasonal Delicacies
  • Delight in Wine, Prosciutto & Cheese
  • See Rome’s Hidden Streets & Piazzas
  • Eat Typical Roman Pizza by the Slice
  • Try True Roman Street Food
  • Get a Treat from a Sicilian Pastry Shop
  • Enjoy a 3-Pasta Dinner at an Enoteca
  • Dig into Some Authentic Italian Gelato

What's included

  • Expert English-speaking guide
  • A small group of 10 or fewer
  • All food and drink costs

What you’ll See Along the Way

Meet in the Heart of the Jewish Ghetto

What better place to start your Rome foodie adventure than the historic Jewish Ghetto. This ancient neighborhood has protected Roman gastronomic traditions for thousands of years, as the 2,000-year-old Portico d'Ottavia attests. Meet your guide and get to know the other hungry tour-goers before you set off with fork in hand.

Taste the Best in Seasonal Delicacies

Some of the dishes on this tour may be substituted based on seasonality to ensure the freshest, most local samplings. Remember, Italians eat according to what's in season, and this is a great chance to understand the culinary culture. For example, artichokes, in season from November to April, make for a succulent when deep-fried 'alla giudia'.

Delight in Wine, Prosciutto & Cheese

No trip to Italy can be complete without sampling some real Italian dried ham, or 'prosciutto', and famous 'pecorino' cheese made from sheep's milk on a 'tagliere', that is a wooden board. Accompany this two-man band with a chanteuse - namely red or white wine - and your palate will be singing to the seasons.

See Rome's Hidden Streets & Piazzas

This Rome food tour not only covers the Eternal City's gastronomical delights, it also takes you through some of its most evocative back-streets and lesser-known piazzas for an immersive, local, and off-the-beaten-path experience. The 'Fontana delle Tartarughe', or 'Turtle Fountain', in the heart of the Ghetto neighborhood is just one of the fantastic places you'll see.

Eat Typical Roman Pizza by the Slice

“Pizza al taglio” (literally "pizza by the cut") is not your typical saucer-shaped pizza – instead, it’s baked in large rectangular trays. Trying this carb-filled delight is a must in Rome and, what better place to indulge than an ancient bakery whose history was forged by four generations of bread makers? Delight your senses with the chatter of the Romans, the sights and smells of the baked goods, and the sound of the knife hitting the wooden counter of the meter long pizza that just came out of the oven. We add on some Italian beer for a match made in heaven.

Try True Roman Street Food

Sample the best “supplì” (fried rice croquettes filled with mozzarella) in town! These guys want to make sure that every one of our clients has the best supplì experience – so much so that they carefully prepare each supplì as we make our way to their door. One bite is all it takes to understand why this place has a daily line-up of Romans looking to satisfy their hunger on the go. The tiny shop, particularly famous for this product, also offers a variety of pizza “al taglio”, homemade pasta of the day, fried zucchini and cod fish.

Get a Treat from a Sicilian Pastry Shop

Indulge in an elegant, family-owned jewel of a pastry shop which utilizes the finest time-honored recipes to bake their beautiful and delicious Sicilian treats. Their natural ingredients include ricotta that arrives directly from Sicily as well pistachios and almonds which are cultivated on their family’s land. You'll sample the “cannolo siciliano” (rolls of fried Italian pastry dough filled with a creamy ricotta filling).

Enjoy a 3-Pasta Dinner at an Enoteca

We'll wind down and enjoy a sit-down dinner at an award-winning Slow Food “osteria”. Founded in the early 1900s, this restaurant has become a point of reference for authentic dishes in Rome and you’ll certainly get the opportunity to savor the city’s most beloved pasta dishes like “Amatriciana” (guanciale and tomatoes), and “Cacio e Pepe” (Pecorino cheese and black pepper) accompanied by a perfectly paired local wine.

Dig into Some Authentic Italian Gelato

We’ll end the culinary exploration on a high-note with every Italians favorite sweet treat – gelato! Our favorite "gelateria” is located just past the “talking statue” on one of the most beautiful streets of Rome’s historic center. The small shop is run by a husband-and-wife team which has been cranking out high quality gelato for over 15 years. They’re thoroughly involved in each step of the process – from choosing the freshest ingredients to creating the final product.

Tour Summary Get in the Know

Discovering the Eternal City One Bite at a Time!

There is no better way to truly get to know a city than to eat your way through it. This is especially true for Rome, where the extraordinary culinary tradition has made it a Mecca for foodies from all over the world. That said, making sure you eat well in the Eternal City during your visit can be tricky as authentic food experiences often get lost in the maze of tourist traps. As you know, locals always know where to go for the perfect prosciutto and wine, the best cheeses, the most amazing pizza, as well as pasta that is rigorous ‘al dente’, and this Rome food tour does just that, putting you at the center of the city’s epic gastronomy.

You’ll be in good hands with a passionate and food-savvy guide to lead the way, as you discover Rome from a completely different perspective far from the city’s crowded tourist attractions. This journey starts with your palate in mind, introducing you to a carefully chosen sample of Italy’s incredible flavors. This immersive food tour will take into the delights of traditional Roman cuisine, as well as Italian classics you already know and love. All of this will take place with the domes and side streets of Rome as your backdrop in an intimate group of no more than 10 other food-seekers.

Hit the Streets For Roman & Italian Delicacies

Your exploration of Rome through food begins in the heart of the ‘Ghetto’, one of the oldest parts of the city with more than 2,000 years of culture, history and of course culinary traditions to taste. You’ll stop at an authentic Italian wine bar to taste real Italian prosciutto with a cheese board of wonderful local cheeses, all accompanied by a welcoming glass of wine.

As you meander through the cobbled alleys, your expert foodie guide will teach you what makes Roman cuisine unique from that of other regions of Italy as you stop for tastings of some of the most mouth-watering street food you can imagine. You’ll also learn the do’s and don’ts of restaurant choices, so you’re well-equipped to savor the best the city has to offer for the rest of your trip.

Then you’ll head to Campo de’ Fiori, Rome’s oldest market square, for a sample of the city’s famous fried ‘supplì (filled with rice, tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella) and crispy Roman ‘pizza Margherita. You’ll even get a chance to sip some Italian craft beer, another specialty you might not have expected. Before crossing the Tiber into Trastevere, you’ll also stop to relish in Sicily’s favorite snack, a ‘cannoli’ filled with sweetened ricotta cheese at a historic boutique pasticceria.

Sit Down for Dinner with 3 Types of Pasta & Wine

The grand finale of this evening food tour takes place in Trastevere. As you cross the Tiber on the Ponte Sisto you’ll be able to take in incredible views of St. Peter’s and the city as you contemplate the myriad flavors you’ve experienced so far.

Now it’s time to sit down a give some serious time to that food no Italian could survive without… pasta. We’ll head into an elegant ‘enoteca’ where you’ll be treated to an incredible flight of three different pasta dishes including what is probably the best ravioli you’ve ever tasted, ‘pasta all’amatriciana’ (with tomato and guanciale), and ‘cacio e pepe’ (with cheese and black pepper). All of this will of course be accompanied by delicious local wines to get your tastebuds singing.

We’ll conclude our fulfilling adventure on a high note by indulging in a most cherished Italian sweet treat – gelato! Whether you are a fruit flavor fan or more of a decadent chocolate lover, we’re sure you’ll agree that our favorite artisanal ‘gelateria’ serves up the best scoops in town.

While most food tours only include samples of food, we want our guests to enjoy their food the Italian way – in great company with free-flowing wine and generous portions. We guarantee that you will not walk away from this tour hungry, and arrangements can even be made for vegetarians and some food allergies if we are notified beforehand. Now there’s nothing more to be said – buon appetito!

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Authentic Tastes of Rome Food Tour

What our Customers say...

Amazing Food Tour

Andrea picked us up right on time in the Jewish Ghetto and showed us an amazing time on our first night in Rome! It was wonderful to try so many of the local dishes that we may not otherwise have tried on our stay in Rome. At the end of the tour, Andrea gave us other suggestions on restaurants to try that were close to where we were staying and they were wonderful. Highly recommend a food tour with Andrea (especially on your first night in Rome so you have time to try other recommended restaurants).”


We just got home yesterday from our trip to Italy and we had an amazing time with Andrea on our food tour!! Everything was delicious and it was a great introduction to Rome on our first night. Andrea recommended a few other restaurants to us at the end of the food tour and we are happy to say his recommendations were spot on for wonderful food. We will surely pass along your company to others we know that will be visiting Rome. Thank you again Andrea for a wonderful time!”

Highly Recommended for Foodies

We booked this food tour upon recommendation of a friend and did not dissapoint. We ate so much, from cheese and artichokes to pizza and actual dinner at the end of the tour. Andrea was a great guide too!”

Food and Gastronomy tour extraordinaire

It was a truly memorable day at the end of a hectic Italian holiday - our daughters still rave about it and they are VERY hard to please. If you want to get insight into Italian food and you don't have heaps of time to spend trying to find great places, then this tour is for you - the guide really knew his stuff (wish I could remember his name) and added just the right amount of the history.”

Rome Food Tour

The only way to keep my whole family happy is to include food, so I booked this tour based on Trip Advisor's reviews. We met Dominique on the only rainy day of our vacation; she was so warm and friendly and came armed with umbrellas :) While sharing the history of the area and other important food facts, Dominique took us to quintessential Roman eateries -- awesome proscuitto and parmesean, pizza, pastries, pasta and gelato... All the places we went were family-owned, authentic, and the highest quality. It was just the right mix of eating, walking and talking, and the hours flew by. I definitely recommend this tour!!”

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