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Top 3 Reasons to Visit Rome this Summer

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Rome is a magical and mesmerizing city at all times of the year, but the city really does come to life in the summertime. Al fresco dining, outdoor movies shown in historical piazza’s, music, dance and festivals galore, all under a star-lit sky, these are just a few of the highlights that Rome has to offer.

Here are 3 good reasons why you should visit Rome this summer. Whether it’s a romantic trip for two, a family vacation or a weekend getaway with a group of friends, this city really does have something that will appeal to everyone.


Take a walk in Rome’s historical center and you will be astounded by the history that surrounds you. A city that can be explored by foot with many of the ancient ruins within walking distance of each other. Based on the legend that Rome was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus who were discovered and raised by a she-wolf, Rome is one of the most visited ancient cities in the world, and home to priceless works of art, temples, piazzas, museums and so much more.

A must see on any visit to the Rome is the huge, imposing Flavian Amphitheatre, known to most as the Colosseum. Emperor Vespasian commissioned the Colosseum in AD72. This magnificent feat of architecture features 80 arched entrances which gave access to up to 70,000 spectators.

Adjacent to the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine, standing proudly at 25m in height. This ornate arch built in AD315 marked the victory of Constantine over Maxentius at Pons Milvius. Along the Via dei Fori Imperiali is the Roman Forum, a testament to so much history, with ancient monuments dating back to the sixth century BC.

No visit to Rome would be complete without a visit to Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican. The Vatican City, ruled by the Pope, is the smallest state in the world, covering an area of 44 hectares. The Vatican, the gardens, the museum and the Sistine Chapel are all located within the Vatican. If you are feeling fit, you can walk up to the top of the Dome, enjoying both the views of the dome’s impressive interior as well as spectacular views looking out over Rome and the Vatican gardens.

One of the best ways to explore some of Rome’s most popular visitor attractions is on a private tour, which often allows you to skip the long queues, particularly in the summer. For further information about what you can see on a Vatican or Colosseum tour click here.


Bowl of bucatini allamatriciana

Whether you’re more of a pasta person or pizza lover, the Roman cuisine is full of flavor. There are some popular Roman dishes which feature on many a menu such as bucatini all’amatriciana made with tomato, bacon, and pecorino cheese or spaghetti alla carbonara cooked with pancetta (bacon pieces), whisked eggs and pecorino cheese as well as delicious main meals like saltimbocca Romana (veal with ham and sage) and abbacchio alla cacciatora (lamb cooked with sage, garlic, sage, anchovies and rosemary). To accompany any of these Roman specialties, you will always find a multitude of delicious, fresh, seasonal vegetables cooked in a variety of ways.

You must save room for a sweet treat after your meal, savor one or even two scoops of the many flavored ice-creams available from some of the popular ‘gelatterie’ (ice-cream parlors) dotted around the city. In addition to the classic varieties available such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, there is a vast array of other equally delicious flavors to chose from, including unexpected flavors such as lavender, honey, and rose petal. In days gone by the traditional flavors available were strawberry or cherry, vanilla, and pistachio, to represent the colors of the Italian flag. In a cup or a cone, you are guaranteed to find a flavor that you will love. Can’t decide which one to go for, then mix and match, they all taste amazing.

Not in the mood for an ice-cream, then why not go for a fruit sorbet, ice-cream cake or frozen yogurt. To cater for everyone’s dietary needs, many ice-cream parlors now also create ice-cream that is organic, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and made without artificial flavors or additives. Enjoying an ice-cream is the perfect way to cool down on a hot Roman day.

If you would like to experience typical Roman cuisine then why not sign up for the Roman Food Tour, where a local will ensure you have the best Roman food experience ever.


Panoramic view of Rome

You will be spoilt for choice of places to experience spectacular views of the sun rising or setting over this incredible city. If you are traveling to Rome by plane, the first glimpse of the eternal city from the sky will literally take your breath away. The familiar pink and terracotta colored rooftops with an array of multi-colored roof-top gardens are interspersed with church towers, ancient ruins, and spectacular bridges.

As Rome is built on seven hills, there are many viewing points where you can take in the sights of the city. Why not head for Gianicolo, the second highest hill in Rome located close to Trastevere. This viewpoint offers incredible panoramas that span across the city. Also worth exploring are the Orange Gardens located on the Aventine Hill and peeking through the famous keyhole at the Knights of Malta property, where you will see the Basilica di San Pietro perfectly framed by the keyhole. Alternatively check out the views from one of the many popular restaurants, bars, and hotels boasting a rooftop terrace. By experiencing the city from different vantage points you will get a contrasting perspective on the city. There are no shortages of places to visit, so check out a few different locations and find your favorite place to take in the views of this magnificent city.

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