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Top 10 Gelaterias in Rome

If there is one thing you must do in Rome, it is sample as many gelati as you can! Roman gelato is famous worldwide and is best enjoyed the local way – with multiple flavours and whipped cream. Read on for your Guide to Gelato in Rome.



Oh my goodness. What a place! Though I say this nearly every time I walk into a gelateria in Rome, Frigidarium is hands down my favourite. Think salted caramel, pistachio, Baci (Italian chocolate kisses) and even the delightfully decadent ‘Frigidarium’ made with Pane di Stelle chocolate biscuits. To top it all off you can choose either a flavour of whipped cream or a dark or white chocolate coating. A few steps from Piazza Navona, Frigidarium uses all-natural ingredients and churns the ice cream at a higher temperature before being immediately creamed for a smooth consistency. Heaven.


With Frigidarium as my number one, La Romana comes a close second. Before you even get to choose your flavour, be prepared to decide on what type of melted chocolate or pistachio cream you would like to fill the bottom of your cone! The pistachio gelato provides the perfect combination of salty and sweet while the range of fruity flavours are delicious for the summer. As if this wasn’t enough, top it all off with a choice of four creams including coffee and zabaione (an egg-based cream with a flavour similar to eggnog). There are three stores in Rome to make it all too easy to head back here time and again.


Founded in 1890, Giolitti’s is famous for being the oldest of its kind in Rome. Expect old world wood interiors, delicious flavours and playful charm from the waiters. A simple ‘Cosa mi raccomanda?’ will lead to the best recommendations from the staff to help you choose between over 30 delightful flavours. Find it next to Palazzo Montecitorio.



Gutilla is a bit of a hidden gem. Off Via Nomentana to the east of the main attractions, Gutilla is a newer joint that comes with richer, creamier flavours with all the trimmings. Gutilla lets you choose between three different types of melted chocolate or pistachio to fill the bottom of your cone. I personally recommend the zabaione, crema della nonna or pistachio – and it wouldn’t be Roman if it wasn’t finished with a dollop of fresh cream.


For the best seasonal flavours, head to the Fatamorgana chain in Rome. All flavours are homemade, and they have many vegan-friendly and gluten-free options. The must try here is the basil walnut honey, though the ‘Thought’ with ginger, horseradish, lemon peel and pink grapefruit is also a great choice. Fatamorgana also participates in the Gelato World Cup and gains international recognition for their crazy flavours so make sure you go all out here!


Gelateria del Teatro

Ever wondered what the secret to the perfect gelato could be? Head to Gelateria del Teatro where the laboratory is on the show and you can sit back and watch on the steps outside. Not to mention the homemade cones, chocolate covered citrus peel and lavender lemon that makes this gem in the heart of historic Rome one not to miss.


Fassi is worth a visit for the experience itself. Think antique gelato machinery, a vast space to display an array of whacky flavours and marble-topped table settings to enjoy all the deliciousness. It is an old school gelateria from the early 1900s that also serves the occasional ‘gelato dinner’ for those wanting to skip main course and head straight for dessert!


Fior di Luna

A classic Trastevere joint tucked away and ready for an after-dinner stroll, Fior di Luna serves true, certified, organic and fair trade gelato with the freshest of ingredients. All locally sourced, it is produced in small batches by hand with flavours that include blueberry yoghurt, hazelnut and a very summery strawberry. No matter what the flavour, Fior di Luna is sure to be your new favourite as it has been for many Romans since 1954.


If you’re after picture-perfect gelato spots, San Crispino is the way to go. Julia Roberts enjoyed gelato here in ‘Eat Pray Love’ and sparked a pilgrimage of sorts to the cobbled alleyways behind the Trevi Fountain that San Crispino calls home. Flavours such as cinnamon and ginger, Marsala wine and honey infused cream keep gelato pilgrims coming back and will do for many years to come. Add this to your list for a touch of laidback, romantic Rome.


Claudio Torce is the King of gelato in Rome. Located near the Vatican with another store at Circo Massimo, there are around twelve flavours of chocolate gelato alone. Overall, around 40 flavours are available including ginger, pear and rice pudding as well as a range of fresh fruity sorbets for the summer. Whilst the cones are delicious, Torce also offers beautiful cups for your all-natural and artisanal gelato.

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