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The Pizza Margherita Recipe

Rome is a point of reference for Italian cuisine. Roman and Italian recipes are present on the tables of many local restaurants, but one of the most sought-after foods is without a doubt, the pizza.

To please all lovers of this dish we are sharing the pizza recipe, so that you can take home a piece of Italy, after your holiday in Rome.

To create an amazing pizza it is essential to have a good dough that is made with genuine ingredients and kneaded by wise hands. These are the secrets of making pizza one of the tastiest dishes in the world.


To make a tasty pizza you must have these ingredients: 900 grams of OO Flour, 27 grams of salt, 25 grams of natural yeast, 7 grams of dried brewer’s yeast and finally 500 ml of still water.


To give shape to the pizza dough, start by dissolving the yeast in a bowl with lukewarm water.

In the second bowl start mixing part of the prepared flour with a little water, and when it turns into a soft dough add some yeast dissolved in water and mix slowly.

Little by little start adding the flour to the dough until you have used half of what you have prepared initially and add the salt dissolved in water so that it can be absorbed by the dough. Start working the mixture slowly while adding more flour and when the dough starts detaching from the bowl take it out and place it on a wooden board.

After thorough kneading, allow the dough to rise for a moment. The dough can be kneaded for a few more minutes and then left to rise in a warm and dry place.

The filling

Once the dough has been rolled out, it’s time for the fun part and deciding what toppings to put on the pizza. The main ingredients are tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil for the traditional Margherita, however, to personalize your pizza you can add other tasty ingredients such as mushrooms, black olives, vegetables, Parma ham and many other flavors. All that remains is popping the pizza in the oven to cook.

Of course, the tastiest pizza is the one that combines taste and creativity.

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