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The Best Way to Travel to Florence from Rome

Italy has been romanticized in just about every art form for centuries – and with good reason! The rich history, deeply-rooted culture, extraordinary architecture and exceptional collection of art are just a few of many appealing characteristics. And with such a variation between these aspects from region to region (or even city to city) it can be hard to pinpoint just a few destinations during a brief visit. Fortunately for Italophiles everywhere, Rome and Florence are within 175 miles of one another – and both can easily be crossed off a bucket list in the course of one Italian holiday.

Read on to discover the various ways to travel from Rome to Florence, with approximate travel duration and costs included. We’ve compared the pros and cons to help you find the absolute best option.

Don’t Waste Your Time Flying from Rome to Florence

Love to fly? It may sound quick and easy, but from Rome to Florence it’s just a hassle

Just because Rome and Florence are connected by plane does not mean you should take the flight. Sure, Alitalia does a great job hyping up their frequent flights from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to Florence Airport (FLR), which only take about 1 hour and run as low as $70, but when you consider all your options, this is far from the best.

It may seem cheap and fast, but don’t forget to factor in the extra hour (or more) you’ll need to spend at the airport going through those pesky security lines. And what about shuttles between the city centers and the airports? Those will not only factor in more time, but they’ll likely cost you at least an additional $50 on each end.

The High-Speed Train to Florence is the Best Option for Good Reason

Traveling from Rome to Florence by high-speed train is the fastest, most comfortable, affordable and flexible

Dozens of trains run between Rome and Florence on a daily basis, making it a very appealing option when it comes to planning your own itinerary. They are fast. They are comfortable. They are scenic. And they have Wi-Fi! What’s not to love?

Express trains, which take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours, usually cost anywhere between $50 to $100. Local trains, which make more frequent stops, usually take 3 to 5 hours, but can cost as little as $25 to $35. Prices vary depending on various factors such as how early in advance the tickets are booked, what “class” of tickets you choose, what time of day you are traveling, and the duration of your trip. The most popular train sites for booking are www.trenitalia.comwww.italotreno.it, and www.raileurope.com.

Train Tips:

– Make sure you go to the right train station. Trains to Florence Santa Maria Novella depart from two stations in Rome: Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina.

– Validate your ticket before boarding to avoid fines.

– Beware of pickpockets in and around buses, metros, trains and train stations.

What if I have a Train Pass?

Even with the EuroRail or InterRail pass, you will need to make a reservation, which will cost you $10. You can easily book this on the www.ItaliaRail.com booking site.

The Pros and Cons of a Scenic Rome to Florence Drive

Cruising the Tuscan countryside is a dream come true for some, but you might want to spend more time doing than seeing

Have you always dreamed of driving a Fiat 500 through the Italian countryside? You’re not the only one! That beautiful dream of winding the Tuscan roads is absolutely feasible, but there are many factors which should be considered.

First and foremost, a direct route from Rome to Florence will take 3.5 to 4 hours, with no stops, traffic jams, or impulsive adventures along the way. The car rental itself will cost minimum of 50 euro and, while the A1 (Autostrada) is relatively direct, tolls will run you an additional 18 euro or so each way. Don’t forget to also factor in the cost for fuel! Oh, and that classic Fiat 500 (or glamorous convertible)? That will cost you extra.

Having autonomy and flexibility to choose when and where you want to go presents a huge advantage over other transportation options, so we totally understand the appeal of renting a car. If you go with this option, however, consider picking up your rental on the Northern side of Rome’s city centre, as inner-city traffic on narrow, cobbled streets is dense and navigating through it can add heaps of time to your trip. Also note that cars are not allowed in the historic center of Florence, so you may need to park further out and hop on a city bus for the final stretch.

Wondering if you should invest in travel insurance for your upcoming trip? Check out Consumer’s Advocate for a run-down on the best travel insurance companies to choose from based on your travel preferences.

Don’t Even Think About Taking a Taxi to Florence

A Taxi from Rome to Florence costs a minimum of $450. Pros: privacy, comfort, and air-conditioning. Con: this is obviously not the most budget-friendly option. Not to mention, the drive duration is 3.5 to 4 hours if you’re lucky enough to avoid traffic jams and other unexpected delays (which can quickly run up a taxi tab).

Testing Your Luck with a Ride Share to Florence

Sometimes you’ll make ever-lasting friends and memories if you just surrender yourself to the road

Let’s be honest, ride sharing is most suitable for young, budget-conscious, solo travellers with minimal luggage. While certain websites and apps, like Uber and Lyft, have made carpooling safer and easier, there’s always a risk that you’ll end up with someone you just don’t feel like being trapped in a vehicle with for 4 hours. But, hey, sometimes these trips can make for really funny stories to tell your friends later on!

You won’t have much luck with Uber or Lyft when traveling between Rome and Florence, but there are plenty of options on Bla Bla Car, which typically cost between $12 and $20. If you’re an adventurous type, you could even try Scooterino, which is essentially a car-share but with a Scooter, instead. One tricky aspect about organizing a trip with strangers, though, is matching pick up and drop off times and locations with your driver.

Note: Always BE CAREFUL when traveling with strangers. Make sure your friends and family know when and where you’re going and who with to be safe.

Taking a Bus from Tome to Florence is Way Too Complicated

As Italy doesn’t have a national bus system, traveling from Rome’s Lazio region to Florence, in Tuscany, can be a bit tricky. One of the best options would be to take the SENA bus from Rome’s Tiburtina Station to Siena, followed by another bus from Siena to Florence. Realistically speaking, though, buses are not always very dependable. Trips can be sparse, especially on holidays and weekends, and timing one bus route up with a second presents its own complications. In truth, this option is not the cheapest nor the fastest nor the most comfortable – so, why bother investigating it?

We Lighten the Logistics on Our Rome to Florence Day Trip

However you decide to get there the beauty of Florence will reward your efforts and it’s all feasible from Rome in one day

Due to the incredible numbers of people who want to work Florence into their trip to Rome, as well as just how feasible it actually is, we’ve crafted an incredible Private Rome to Florence Day Trip. As the case requires we’ve followed our own advice and will book you highspeed train tickets, in addition to setting you up with one of our top Florentine art and city experts to take you to Michelangelo’s David among other samplings of this capital of the Rennaissance. If that sounds enticing than all you have to do is book it! Also if you are planning to stay in Florence for an extended period, one of our Florence tours is sure to please.

For more information or to arrange a tour check out What a Life Tours or contact us by phone +39 06 88975757/+39 334 7273299 (WhatsApp) or email at info@whatalifetours.com!

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