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Rome’s Top Cafes with WiFi

Whilst cafés with internet are becoming more popular in Italy, it can still be difficult to find those with free Wifi where you can stay and work all day. Read on for the Top 10 Cafes with Internet in Rome!

1. Ex Circus, Piazza Navona

Circus is the perfect rainy-day spot to curl up and while away the day. As the name suggests, it is a quirky and colourful spot tucked away in the back streets behind Piazza Navona. The friendly staff here will keep your coffee cup full, the homemade cakes are delicious and the couches are so comfortable you’ll never want to leave! There are plenty of powerpoints here to charge your devices and there is a separate space with tables for group meetings too. For those that aren’t savvy in Italian just yet, local English magazines are located by the door to peruse at your leisure.

2. AntiCafe, San Giovanni

AntiCafe workspace

AntiCafe is ultimately designed for Rome’s student population, though it has also become popular with the growing online workforce. It works differently from other bars in that you pay per hour for the time you stay. This means you can eat, drink, surf the internet and use the in-house printers as much as you like for the amount of time purchased. The first hour costs 4 euros, then 3 euros for each hour after that. AntiCafe also hosts networking events, language classes and web programming courses for the young, creative and driven people that call this place their second home.

3. Barnum Café, Campo dei Fiori

Located just off Campo dei Fiori, Barnum exudes a vibe that is equally cosy, cool and sexy. With dimly lit interiors, mismatched furniture and laidback couches, this place is a must-visit. The café is named after P.T. Barnum (a.k.a. the Greatest Showman), famous for founding the Barnum and Bailey Circus in the 1800s. There are little odes to Barnum if you look for them, from the subtle wall art to the all-too-delectable menu. Pastries are freshly made in the morning, whilst the specials of the day are handwritten in chalk on the blackboard before each meal. Barnum even does a hearty aperitivo of tapas every night from 7 pm with a wide selection of cocktails on offer from the very hipster bar crew. Come for a coffee, stay until midnight.

4. Bar del Fico, Piazza Navona

The stylish Bar del Fico, Piazza Navona

Whilst Bar del Fico is best known for its popular bar scene, it also offers a quiet space with internet during the day. There are plenty of tables and during the summer you can sit outside in the piazza to soak up the atmosphere of the gorgeous Roman streets. Bar del Fico also does a killer brunch on Sunday mornings. Open from 7 am to 2 am every day, this bar is one of the trendiest finds in Rome.

5. Analemma, Monti

Just up the road from Metro Cavour, Analemma is a great place to set up for the day and relax in the arty ambience. A little unusual for Rome, Analemma also offers a hearty eggs breakfast available from 10 am, and a buffet breakfast on weekends from 12 pm to 4 pm. Pastries and coffee are served from 10 am every day with WiFi available on request. In the evenings, Analemma really fills up around 7 pm when the aperitivo buffet begins – a must with an Aperol spritz in hand.

6. Emporio alla Pace, Piazza Navona

Cosy inside Emporio alla Pace

Emporio alla Pace is a hidden gem in the backstreets behind Piazza Navona. It prides itself on its local clientele so expect classic Italian espresso coffees alongside pastries, paninis and kinds of pasta. As the lunch crowd arrives around 1 pm, don’t forget to arrive early to claim the corner couches for people watching before everyone clears out again and you’ll be left in the cosiest space with plenty of books and magazines to enjoy. WiFi can be a touch slow here compared to other cafes but is always reliable for your basic surfing needs.

7. Il Sorpasso, Vatican

Il Sorpasso is both a restaurant and café located halfway between St Peter’s Basilica and Metro Ottaviano. The café is on the street side with cheeses for sale and dry meats hanging from the roof at the entrance. Walking through the café and into the courtyard behind, you’ll find Il Sorpasso restaurant. Both are refreshingly non-touristy and home to the trendy, beautiful business crowd in Prati. Open every day except Sunday, stop by for coffee, lunch, aperitivo or dinner late into the night. It is excellent value with classic Italian dishes given a modern twist – think salmon with a nut crust, faro fettuccine with Roman artichokes and packed charcuterie boards. If you like gourmet with your internet, Il Sorpasso is molto bene.

8. Necci dal 1924, Pigneto

A little away from the well-trodden tourist traps in Rome, Necci is a short walk from the Pigneto train station. The homemade breakfast cornetti are worth waking up for but you do have to go early before they run out. After you’ve finished eating, stay as long as you like in the outdoor garden with its Alice in Wonderland atmosphere. Necci is also open for dinner and drinks late into the evening with a conference-style room adjacent to the garden that provides the perfect spot for larger gatherings or meetings during the day.

9. Caffe Letterario, Ostiense

Cafe workspace, at Caffe Letterario, Ostiense

Caffé Letterario is a little further from the hustle and bustle of central Rome and a short walk up the road from Eataly. The complex is home to a branch of the Library of Rome, as well as a bookshop, separate café, events hall and design exhibition space. Computers are available in the library and free Wifi is available throughout the complex. The café next door is strategically placed with coffee to top you up for those long study sessions. For those after a more dedicated workspace, Café Letterario is one of the best in town!

10. Ham Holy Burger, Trieste and Piazza Fiume

Ham Holy Burger is a curious choice to include in this list given it does not have all the treats Italy is so famous for. It does, however, offer one unique feature that is not available elsewhere. This central burger joint allows you to order on iPads that are then yours to use for as long as you stay and enjoy your meal. There’s even a printer available to take your work with you once you’ve finished. This makes it the ideal space to get your work done over a lobster roll or classic hamburger.

We hope you enjoy your time working from any one of these internet cafes in the Eternal City! For more cafes and restaurants in Rome, check out our other blog posts such as this post on the top Vegetarian Restaurants in Rome.

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