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Rome’s Gluten Free Restaurants

Quick tip: senza glutine means without gluten or gluten free, for those with a gluten restriction!

For anyone who has a love/hate relationship with gluten Rome may be a scary place for you. When dreaming about Rome, you may have always imagined eating endless pasta, pastries, and bread; and you can! It may not be well known but Rome does have a large population of gluten free folk and they have adapted their restaurants well. You won’t even notice the difference! Below is a compilation of restaurants, bakeries, and gelaterias that will allow those with a gluten restriction to live out their Roman food fantasy!

I. Restaurants

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Mama! Eats

Via di S. Cosimato, 7/9,00153 Roma RM

Hours: Everyday 11:30am-1:00am

Located in Trastevere this restaurant will change you mind about gluten free food. You and your family can enjoy the same foods because everything on their menu is available gluten and lactose free! There are no exceptions, you want pizza, pasta, deep fried food, and cake for dessert, you can get it because it’s all gluten free! For those worried about cross contamination there’s no need to fear because Mama Eats is recognized by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association). This means that they guarantee to the customer a state-of-the-art catering that is subject to strict controls. Having a separate gluten free kitchen allows them to stay true to the customer.

Note: Mama! Eats, is a chain with a couple different restaurants in Italy. It’s sister restaurant Mama! Eats street food is located in Prati, just a short walk from the Vatican! If you’re feeling like treating yourself to an ungodly amount of fried food check out this more casual restaurant. And, if you ever find yourself in Naples check out the Mama! Eats restaurant there!

Voglia di Pizza

Via dei Giubbonari, 33, 00186 Roma RM

Hours: Everyday 12:00pm-12:00am

Located a short walk from Piazza Navona this authentic Italian restaurant has pizza and pasta galore! With everything on their traditional menu being offered gluten free you will feel no restrictions eating here. For the past 15 years Voglia di Pizza has been providing amazing gluten free pizza and pasta to those wanting to experience authentic Italian cuisine! If you love beer this is the place for you because this restaurant has five gluten free beer options. Along with delicious gluten free deserts you cannot go wrong eating here.

Pizza in Trevi

Viaa di S. Vincenzo, 30-30A, 00187 Roma RM

Hours: 10:00-0:00

Being close to the historic Trevi Fountain makes this restaurant even more magical! With an extensive pizza menu that is gluten free they take gluten intolerance and celiac very seriously. Mention that you have a gluten allergy and they will replace the utensils at your table with pre-wrapped silverware, that has no chance of contamination. Still worried about cross contamination in the kitchen? They will make sure that your food is made in their separate kitchen. Their delicious pizza will make you think that it can’t possibly be gluten free, but really, there’s no need to fear!

II. Bakeries

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Via di Torre Argentina, 3, 00186 Roma RM

Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-16:00

If you find yourself close to the Pantheon and are craving a sweet snack Pandali is the place for you. This completely gluten free bakery will leave you speechless with the variety of choices they provide, from calzones to cakes to gluten free beer you will find yourself wanting to come back for more. After picking up a snack to go you can head to the Pantheon where you can explore its glory!

Sans De Blé

Via Gabriello Chiabreera, 58C, 00145 Roma Rm

Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 9:00-19:30, Sunday 9:00-13:30

This bakery is a special secret. A little far out of the city center of Rome, you may need to take the metro to get there, but it is definitely worth the trek. This cute bakery is a great place to grab a snack or fancier dessert for an event, this place is perfect for all occasions! If you’re not craving something sweet that’s okay, Sans De Blé also has savory food options. Anything you pick will be delicious, you cannot go wrong at this Bakery!

III. Gelaterias

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Are you surprised to see Gelaterias on this list? For celiacs and gluten intolerant people this is something that they should be aware of. In some gelato they use thickeners and fillers that have wheat as an ingredient. You may be thinking that you can never eat gelato now… but that’s not true! Rome has over 30 gluten-free Gelaterias around the city!

Gelateria Fatamorgana

Various Locations

Hours: Monday-Thursday & Sunday 12:00-22:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00-1:00

Taking Gelato seriously Fatamorgana doesn’t use any thickeners, preservatives, or food coloring! This completely gluten free Gelateria will not disappoint. For those who have other dietary restrictions Fatamorgana offers nut free, dairy free, and egg free options. This place is a safe haven for many who want to enjoy Rome’s famous gelato but cannot risk contamination. Being recognized by the AIC along with the owner being a celiac they understand the importance of no contamination, so you can eat your gelato with no fear in mind!


Various Locations

Hours: 10:00-0:00

This worldwide company has spent years perfecting their gluten free gelato. The goal is to create gelato the way it used to be, pure and authentic, while taking no shortcuts! Everything in their store is 100% gluten free, from the gelato to the cones. For quality, creamy, natural gelato check this place out! If you end up traveling around Italy and are worried about gelato you can set your worry aside, Grom is located in 31 cities around Italy!

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