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See all of the Eternal City's most amazing sights, get your bearings, and let an expert take the lead on our semi-private best of Rome evening walking tour. With local perspective from your passionate guide, you'll stroll through the magic ambiance of Rome's timeless cobbled streets with the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona with many a hidden gem in between.

At a Glance Why You'll Love It

  • Take the perfect route with Rome's major sights including Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori, as well as a stop for Italy's world-famous gelato.

  • Gain local insight from a passionate expert guide to give you the stories and history on this open-air museum that makes Rome one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  • Interacting with your guide is easy in a semi-private group of only 8 guests or fewer. You’ll feel like you’re out with friends except with plenty of extra attention for your curiosity on Rome.

Tour Summary Get in the Know

Rome's Iconic Sights In the Magic of Twilight

Looking for the perfect way to kick-start your stay in the Eternal City? Our best-selling 2.5-hour guided walking tour of Rome gives you the chance to immerse yourself completely into Italian culture – as well as millennia of mind-blowing history! Our guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic Roman locals (some natives, others adopted), who are keen to show off their beloved hometown to our guests. From traversing the prettiest vistas to enjoying the most mouth-watering cone of gelato in town, What a Life Tours is passionate about giving you an unforgettable evening in what is hands down one of the most beautiful city centers in the world.

At dusk, one of our top-rated guides will meet you at the spectacular Spanish Steps near the Piazza Spagna metro stop. Ever since its inauguration in 1725, this 138-step long flight of marble stairs has been the heart of Roman cultural life. During the 1700s and 1800s the steps served as a favorite hang-out for writers, the cultural elite and bohemians alike (including some very notable names such as Lord Byron, John Keats and the notorious ladies’ man, Casanova). In more recent decades, the breathtaking location has been immortalized on the silver screen in films like Roman Holiday and The Talented Mr. Ripley. In any case, no time spent in Rome can go without seeing this architectural wonder as day fades into night.

As the Romans Do With a Passionate Local

As you delve into the maze of the tiny alleyways, majestic squares, and well-hidden courtyards that make up Rome’s historic center, your personal Roman storyteller will breathe life into an enthralling history which stretches back more than 2000 years. When hearing the stupefying tales of the historical events that came to light on the very same cobblestones under your feet, you'll soon realize that this beautiful city holds more than meets the eye – it’s an outdoor museum, where every turn of the corner has its own captivating story to tell. They say a good anecdote is the best souvenir and, after having roamed Rome with one of our top-rated raconteurs, you’ll have plenty of those to bring back home with you.

Walking in the company of a local guide means you can get off the beaten path to discover tucked-away gems, the significance of which most visitors miss, but we won’t leave out the must-sees either! Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure your return to Rome in the future – and learn why its ingenious architect placed a vase on the right hand side to block the view from a neighboring barbershop. Get the inside scoop on the construction of the city’s most iconic ancient temple – the Pantheon – and then head to Piazza Navona to unlock the hidden symbolism Bernini chiseled into his Fountain of the Four Rivers (in which Tom Hanks took a reluctant dip in Angels and Demons).

Meaning Behind the Monuments With Gelato! 

Dulcis in fundo, last but not least, your guide will unveil our best haunt for the favorite guilty pleasure of all Italians - gelato! There are hundreds of well-renowned gelato shops in the Eternal City, but after years of extensive research (it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!) we can guarantee that this is the “crème de la crème” of Roman gelaterias and the cherry on top of our evening together. Try their fruit flavors for a refreshing tang, or rich creams that will melt-in-your-mouth.

At What a Life Tours, we know that the “more the merrier” theory doesn’t apply to tour groups. By limiting our group size to just 8 guests or fewer, we leave plenty of room for last-minute flexibility and one-on-one interaction with your tour guide. Our insider experts are eager to deliver the very best Roman experience, so don’t hesitate to jump in and play the part for those extra bits of wisdom to keep you exploring the city like a native.

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Rome Evening Stroll Reviews

What Our Customers Say...

Overall rating
Organized, Experienced, Fun!

We cannot say enough great things about  the tour guide! Was very knowledgeable, full of energy and enthusiasm which kept the learning fun.  Welcomed questions and never seemed bothered by interruption.  Organized, experienced and made the stories come to life. Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Truly,  walking around on our own, we would never have had the same experience. Would recommend your tour group and look forward to coming back and learning more in the future!


Evening Stroll!

We ended up the only couple on this tour with Juliano. He gave us a great tour, was very informative and helped us get great pictures. We ended the tour at the best Gelato place and it was delicious! We thoroughly enjoyed this tour.

Amazing tour!

This guided trip was absolutely amazing in that our guide had so many details to share with that was above and beyond the ordinary tour. She was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. She encouraged questions and eagerly answered them. Thanks What a Life!

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