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Join us on a gastronomical walk through the highlights of traditional Roman cuisine. Traveling in a small group of 8 people or fewer and with a passionate foodie leading the way, you’ll get a unique insight into Rome's local culinary scene on this mouth-watering guided food tour of Rome.

At a Glance Why You'll Love It

  • Snack on the city’s greatest culinary delights as you explore markets and family-run eateries loved by the locals.

  • Feast on 3 typical Roman pasta dishes, paired with exquisite wine and prosecco at an award-winning "osteria".

  • With small groups of 8 guests or fewer, our Rome food tours encourage plenty of interaction with our local guides.

Tour Summary Get in the Know

Devour Rome like a local

At What a Life Tours, we're firm believers that there is no better way to truly get to know a city than to eat your way through it. This is especially true in Rome, where the impressive culinary scene has become a Mecca for foodies from all over the world. But eating well in the Eternal City isn’t as easy as it seems and the authentic experiences are often lost in the maze of over-priced tourist traps. Not to worry, we are here to teach you how to wine and dine just like the Romans do!

Our guides are both passionate about food and savvy locals, who know all the secrets on how to find that perfect Italian meal. On this immersive food tour into the delights of traditional Roman cuisine, you'll not only get to feast on the Italian classics you already know and love (pizza and pasta, anyone?), but we’ll also introduce you to less familiar treats that may just become your new obsession.

Explore local markets and speciality shops

Our culinary tour of Rome commences in the heart of the vibrant Trastevere neighborhood, home to many of the best eateries in the city. To start off the day in the true Italian fashion, we’ll perch up at a traditional café to enjoy a modest breakfast, standing alongside the locals. The group size is limited to 8 guests or fewer, giving you a chance to truly get to know your guide over a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a buttery, flakey ‘cornetto’.

As you meander through the cobbled alleys, your expert guide will teach you what distinguishes Roman fare from that of other regions, the do’s and don’ts of choosing a restaurant in the Eternal City and – most importantly – the secrets on how prepare your favorite Roman dishes in your own kitchen. Since the first step to cooking like an Italian “mamma” is to use only in-season ingredients and to get our hands on some of these super fresh goodies, we’ll make our way through two local produce markets. By soaking up the bustling atmosphere, meeting the owners of the stalls and sampling their delicious goods, you will gain a unique insight into the city’s rich food culture.

As the culinary journey continues, we’ll visit several family-run venues to enjoy specialties very few tourists ever get the opportunity to try. Some of our mouth-watering pit-stops will include a cheese tasting at locally loved specialty shop, sampling handheld portions of typical street foods, and satiating our sugar cravings with freshly prepared pastries at one of Rome’s famous bakeries.

Enjoy a full sit-down lunch at an award-winning hosteria

To introduce you to the wonderful world of traditional Roman pasta dishes, we’ll cross the Tiber River and head to the historic center where we’ll find our very favorite (and award-winning!) slow-food ‘hosteria’. While most other food tours only include samples of food, we want our guests to enjoy their food the Italian way – with great company, free flowing wine and generous portions of not-so-low-carb (but oh-so-delicious) fare. The” Carbonara” is sinfully good, but we wouldn’t kick the” Cacio e Pepe” or “Amatriciana” out of bed either!

Saving the best for last, we’ll conclude our fulfilling adventure on a high note by indulging in a most cherished Italian sweet treat – gelato! Whether you are fruit flavor fan or more of a decadent chocolate lover, we’re sure you’ll agree that our favorite artisanal ‘gelateria’ serves up the best scoops in town.

While they say all good things come to an end, eating ridiculously well in Rome doesn’t finish when this tour does – on the contrary, it has only begun! Your guide will make sure that you walk away from this culinary exploration both well-fed and armed with invaluable know-how on how to continue dining like a local for the rest of your stay in Italy.

What You'll See Along the Way

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Rome Food Tour

What Our Customers Say...

Overall rating
Definitely recommend this tour

Dominique took us to quintessential Roman eateries -- cappuccino and and cornettos for breakfast, followed by the most amazing stalls at the farmer's market for awesome proscuitto and parmesean. Across the river for pizza, pastries, pasta and gelato, plus a visit to a meat/cheese/wine store. All the places we went were family-owned, authentic, and the highest quality. It was just the right mix of eating, walking and talking, and the 4 hours flew by. I definitely recommend this tour!!!

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