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Official Vatican & Rome Guide

Daniela is the art history teacher we always wish we had in school; funny, encyclopedically knowledgeable and filled with a passion for the subject matter that could turn even the most philistine visitor into an art aficionado. She is “Michy” with Michelangelo and can tell you all about Raphael’s unique painting techniques – as well as let you in on the juicy gossip of his turbulent private life. Don’t be fooled by “Dani’s” appearance, below the orderly surface hides a feisty Roman who protects her group from intruders like a mama bear.

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Official Vatican & Rome Guide

Equal parts Texan and Roman, the jovial Marcello was brought up with the best of both the old and the new world. A Rome resident since the age of 12, he claims that the Eternal City is his true home, however, and his love for the city is evident to anyone who has taken one of his tours. Marcello was one of the youngest people ever to pass the very difficult guide exam, becoming an official tour guide of the Vatican and Rome in 2005. Oh, and if you happen to have any questions about airplanes, this Renaissance man also has a degree in aeronautical engineering.

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Official Vatican & Rome Guide

Born on the island of Sicily, Carly brings a healthy dose of southern Italian sunshine to the “What a Life” guide team. Her sparkling personality and infectious laugh has made her one of our most popular guides, equally knowledgeable in the art of the Vatican as well as the ruins of Ancient Rome. Her university degree is in archeology, however, and it was her passion for antiquarianism which brought her to Rome in the first place. Her love for Rome, in its turn, would later bring “Carly” into the tourism industry, paving the way for her to become an official tour guide in 2005.

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Official Vatican & Rome Guide

Despite his tender age, Giuliano is already a true man of the world, having lived in several different countries and speaking no less than three languages to perfection. He was born in Venice but moved to Rome to study art history and, after only 6 years in the capital, he already knows the ins and outs of Rome better than most natives! You’re most likely to meet this urban gentleman on our best-selling “Rome Evening Stroll”, where he puts his insider knowledge of the city to good use and dazzles his guests with his excellent manners and impressive gelato scouting skills.

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Official Vatican & Rome Guide

The ever-charming Ana is bubblier than a bottle of San Pellegrino and a very proud Gibraltarian by birth (if you‘re not familiar with this small British overseas territory in the south of Spain, don’t worry – Ana will enlighten you!). She came to Rome in 2004 and immediately fell in love with the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage – a love that lead her to a successful career in the guide business. Ana has been a loyal member of the “What a Life” team from the get-go and a firm favorite amongst our customers over the last 11 years.

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Official Vatican Guide

Grant has lived in 8 countries throughout this life, but his trademark dry sense of humor reveals his British descent. When he came to Rome, he finally gave up his vagabond lifestyle and has resided here for almost 20 years. Grant’s unique narrating style, where historical facts are mixed with contemporary pop cultural references, has earnt him quite a name on the Roman guide scene – and made him our most reviewed tour guide ever! You’re most likely to meet Grant on our “Vatican Best-of-the-Best Tour”, where he gives a fresh perspective on the ancient artworks.

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Official Vatican & Rome Guide

Always seen with a huge smile on her face, the lovely Federica immediately puts her guests at ease. She earnt her Master’s in Art History at the Roman La Sapienza University, and started working as a tour guide shortly thereafter as a way of sharing her passion for Rome’s artistic treasures with travelers from all over the world. If you’re lucky enough to get Federica as your guide, you’ll gain a unique insider’s look on the more-than-meets-the eye works on display – and walk away with a ridiculously charming new friend!

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Expert Rome Food Tour Guide

Dominique is our first commander in chief of all food tours, carefully crafting itineraries and hand-picking only the most authentic and high quality vendors in town. Naturally, this French-Canadian sweetheart is also the “What a Life” go-to source for restaurant recommendations and has yet to suggest an eatery we didn’t go gaga over. Though not a Roman by birth, Dom’s passion for food easily rivals that of the natives, and we can just hope that she will one day reveal her secret on how she manages to stay in such great shape despite the daily on-tour indulgence in pizza and pasta.