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Neighbourhood Spotlight on Flaminio

Rome is full of eccentric neighborhoods that each have their own unique characteristics, one of these neighborhoods being Flaminio. Flaminio is full of places to visit and things to do, sadly it isn’t explored by tourists nearly as much as the neighboring quarters. The Flaminio neighborhood possesses qualities of being a very family-friendly area, relatively quieter than the city center but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot of offer. Check out the Flamino highlights below and be sure to mark them for your next trip to Rome.

What to See and Do

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Explora IL Museo Dei Bambini Di Roma– there surely isn’t a lack of things to do for the whole family in Flaminio. Like the name of this museum suggests, “Explore” the Museum of Children, which has a variety of activities for children to learn and play with many different exhibits at the same time. There are various workshops and activities held for children throughout the year so be sure to check their website for updates!

Mercato Borghetto Flaminio– come to this market and you’ll find discounted treasures of accessories, clothes and other vintage items to take home with you. Although this market isn’t as big as other ones you may find in Rome, it still packs everything you would want to find in one small space. Do keep in mind, there is a small entrance fee to check out this market.

Auditorium Parco Della Musica– there’s entertainment for the whole family. Visit the Auditorium for various shows and events that happen throughout the year from musicals, to concerts and dance performances. It also has a bookstore, archeology museum, and outdoor theater too.

Maxxi– In case you ever want to venture outside of just visiting only historic art museums, check out Maxxi. Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, this contemporary art museum is never the same, so each trip here will always offer something different with their ever-changing exhibitions. Even the outside of the museum is impressive with its sleek, modern design complete with adjacent bars for visitors to enjoy.

Where to Eat

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Neve di Latte– After your visit to Maxxi museum, head on over to Neve di Latte for a sweet treat and indulge in high-quality natural gelato that offers traditional favorites such as zambaione and pistachio as well as rotating specialties. This small gelateria has all the flavors you could want and is almost never crowded, except on scorching-hot, summer days.

Treebar– once you arrive at this unique bar you’ll understand where it got its name from as it’s surrounded by, well…trees. Treebar is a charming bar with plenty of outdoor space for those warm weather days. The inside is completely surrounded by windows, which makes the interior feel light and airy. Come for drinks and stay for their aperitivo and lite bites.

20MQ Design & Coffee– this quirky coffee shop doubles as a gift store with their unique products displayed throughout. Enjoy coffee, smoothies, pastries and other quick bites here. The quiet atmosphere is also great for studying or working.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele– With a slightly different atmosphere as the famous Pizzeria da Michele in Naples, this sister location in Rome, is as close you can get to the original, offering Neapolitan style pizza and calzones. Located just inside the Museum for Children on the first floor, don’t overlook this place to taste some of the best pizza in Rome.

Tiepolo– A neighborhood favorite specifically known for their jacket potatoes (baked potatoes) that come with many different topping variations. You can also choose from salad options and some delicious and healthy appetizers. This small, cozy restaurant will make you feel right at home with their welcoming atmosphere.

Cornetto Imperiale– open from early morning to almost midnight every day, there’s no excuse not to indulge in a cornetto for breakfast or as a late night snack. Their large variety of cornetti, otherwise known as an Italian croissant, is enough to leave your mouth watering by just looking at them. Choose from lemon, pistachio and Nutella filled cornetti or try out just about any other pastry you can imagine.

We hope you have found our Flaminio Guide helpful! Tell us about your favourite neighborhood stops in the comments below, and remember, we’ll tailor a custom tour for you anywhere in The Eternal City!

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