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Is it worth getting a guided tour of the Colosseum?

If you’re planning on visiting Rome, there’s no doubt that a tour of the colosseum is on your to-do list. Once used to host everything from gladiator tournaments to entertainment, over 6 million tourists visit the Colosseum every year, with over 2000 years of Roman history to explore at this historic site.

But is it worth getting a private guided tour of the Colosseum? In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons why a guided tour makes for a better vacation experience, allowing you to learn more about ancient Rome, while also letting you skip those long queues. Let’s dive in!\

Why get a guided tour of the Colosseum?

While you’re free to explore the Colosseum yourself, you’re sure to enhance the experience when you opt for a guided tour. Here are just some reasons why a guided tour is your best option if you want to make the most of your Colosseum experience:

Skip the long tourist queues

As we mentioned in the introduction, over 6 million people visit the Colosseum every year. If we break it down per day, that’s almost 17,000 daily visitors! In fact, there are so many visitors to the Colosseum that you might even get turned away at the end of the day due to high demand – especially if you’re visiting Rome during the popular summer months. And even if you’re not turned away, you could still end up waiting in the queue for hours – hours lost that you could have spent exploring other historic sites elsewhere.

When you visit with a pre-booked colosseum tour, your slot will be reserved in advance, and you’ll be able to skip to the front of the line with your own personal tour guide. Not only does this save you waiting for hours to see the historic site, you’ll also be able to plan your sightseeing more efficiently.

Enrich your knowledge

One of the best things about visiting a historic site is getting clued up on all the fun facts, history, and ancient anecdotes relating to the site in question. If you decide to visit the Colosseum without a guide, you’ll be missing out on the countless tales, facts, and stories that your guide would be able to recount to you about how the Colosseum was used during the Roman period. Private tour guides aren’t just there to show you around and escort you out – they enrich the experience by offering tales and anecdotes that simply aren’t accessible for those who decide to tour alone.

More intimate experience

When it comes to guided tours, size matters. The larger your group size, the more difficulty you’ll have in enjoying a personalised Colosseum experience. Not only will you feel rushed from site to site, but you also won’t have the opportunity to really go into depth about any of the subjects most interesting to you. If you’re a self-confessed enthusiast for all things Roman history, a private tour is a must-have.

With a private tour, you’ll be able to discuss historic matters at length with your tour guide, and get real expertise and knowledge from experts in Roman history. You’ll also be able to ask your guide as many questions as you like, which simply isn’t always possible when touring as part of a larger group.

Personalise your tour

Another reason to opt for a guided tour of the Colosseum is that you’ll be able to personalise the experience to suit your interests. You’ll be able to spend more time at certain locations within the Colosseum if you wish, while having the time to stop and take some group photos. Your tour guide will also be happy to take any photos of your group for you, so you won’t need to have any of your group missing from the vacation photo album.

No waiting around

Aside from saving time by being able to skip the queues, a private tour of the Colosseum also means shorter waiting times in general. Don’t forget that you’ll be required to pass through a quick security check before being allowed entry to the Colosseum, so if you’re visiting with a large group, you could end up waiting ages for all group members to pass through security. With a private tour guide, you’ll be able to pass through security swiftly in your small group, and spend your precious vacation time touring the historic site.

The bottom line

Overall, a private guided tour of the Colosseum is essential if you want to save time and enjoy a more personalised tourist experience while in Rome. With a tour tailored to your interests, and the ability to ask as many questions as you like, you’ll enjoy an enriching, rewarding experience that simply isn’t possible when you visit alone.

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