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How to Spend a Rainy Day in Rome

Did you know that Rome gets more annual rainfall than London?? Sure, we have less frequent grey skies (and get a heck of a lot more sunshine) but we do get our fair share of rain – which explains how the great Italian vineyards stay so productive! Nonetheless, you should never let a little rain “put a damper” on your day. There’s plenty to do in the Eternal City – even when it’s pouring! Read on for our top suggestions.

Visit the Vatican Museums & St Peter’s Basilica

With a collection that spans over 1,200 rooms, the Vatican Museums can undoubtedly shelter and entertain guests for hours on end. This is the perfect chance to ditch the rain and knock off a top bucket list destination and witnessing classic masterpieces like the Sistine Chapel, the Laocoon, and the Apollo Belvedere. And it doesn’t stop there – the Vatican Museums leads you directly into St Peter’s Basilica, where you can take your time to examine Michelangelo’s Pieta and Bernini’s Baldachin, or even climb to the top of the basilica dome! Consider booking a Vatican Tour for a skip-the-line, hassle-free, and interactive experience!

Explore Rome’s Under-Rated Gems

Bernini Staircase at Palazzo Barberini

Rome is so full of fascinating art and historical artefacts that it would take decades to run out of things to do or places to explore. Once you’ve checked the “must sees” off your list, consider exploring our favourite Under-Rated Gems, like the Borghese Gallery or Capuchin Crypts. These destinations are not lesser known for lack of value – we like to think of them as well-kept secrets. Needless to say, without hordes of tourists pushing past you for selfies, these spots will provide a more relaxed ambiance that is ideal for a rainy day.

Discover Modern & Contemporary Art

MAXXI Contemporary Art Museum

If you’ve had your fill of Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces (doubtful!) or just have an urge to peer into a more modern side of the Eternal City, step into Rome’s Modern & Contemporary Art Museums. These top-notch galleries and state of the art structures exhibit works from world class international artists – you just might be surprised at what you find!

Take a Class

Cacio e Pepe, traditional Roman pasta dish

If the rain has got you down, learning a new skill should make you feel better! Rome is the perfect place to learn a thing or two about wine, or to pick up a homemade pizza or pasta recipe from an expert! You could even make your own souvenir at a painting, pottery, or mosaic class. The options are endless – and you won’t have to look far to find them.


Rinascente shopping center

While Rome’s Top Shopping Streets may not be ideal during a downpour, the brand new Rinascente will not let you down! With seven levels loaded with luxurious retail items to peruse, a café perched next to the remnants of an Ancient Roman Aqueduct, an impressive upper-level food court, and a rooftop bar, it’s certainly worth popping in, at the very least.

Eat & Drink

The interior of Hosteria Sireno, a typical Italian restaurant in Rome

Duck into an Osteria, Trattoria, Pizzeria, or plain ol’ Ristorante to enjoy a classic Italian meal. Sit near a window to enjoy that soothing sound of rain falling as you make your way through antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci (appetizers, first course, second course, and dessert)! Can’t be bothered to get out the front door? That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an authentic Italian meal. Stay in and cook an authentic Roman classic, following one of our simple recipes! If you’re over the whole “Italian” thing, work your way to a Pub to enjoy beer and burger combo instead.

Go to a Show

American singer-songwriter Angel Olsen performing at Auditorium Parco della Musica

Surely, we all know that iconic moment in Gladiator when Russel Crowe asks, “Are you not entertained?” Well, if you’re not entertained in Rome, then you’re not trying. In addition to countless artistic treasures, beautiful parks, stunning churches, and who-knows-what-else, Rome has entertainment! See what’s on the program at Teatro dell’ Opera or Auditorium Parco della Musica. Find out what critics are raving about at the “Giudizio Universale” multimedia experience, based on the story of the Sistine Chapel. Book a table at the local Jazz and Blues hangouts. This city has music, theatre, cinema, and more!

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