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Five Reasons To Visit Rome THIS Summer

You’ll never go wrong with a visit to the Eternal City, however, Summer is one of the best times to see her shine!

Something magical happens to the city when the weather is warm and the days are long. Meals al fresco, piazzas overflowing as people take in the scene with a cold drink in hand, and late evening sunsets make for spectacular days!

1. Explore the Farnese Gardens: Open to the Public for the First Time in 30 Years.

Farnese Gardens

What many visitors to Rome don’t realize is that behind the doors of many of the city’s striking exteriors lie elaborate, lush private courtyards and secret gardens filled with ancient sculptures, manicured hedges, a plethora of citrus trees and overflowing flowerbeds.

The Farnese family was a fixture in the history of Rome since the Renaissance Era due to their noble status. Now, for the first time in t
hree decades, the public is able to see one of the lost gems of Renaissance Rome, the ancient Farnese Gardens! Upon purchasing the land on Palentine Hill, Cardinale Alessandro Farnese started transforming the mostly agricultural area into a series of marvellous gardens. After several years of restorations, the public finally has a chance to walk around the land and imagine what life was like in Rome during the Renaissance Era.

2. “Giudizio Universale”: Discover the Sistine Chape with a State-of-the-Art Multimedia Experience


“The Last Judgement” show, directed and conceived by the talented Marco Balich, is making headlines throughout Rome and all of Europe!

The show tells the story of the Sistine Chapel, leading the viewer through a journey in time, but with a twist! At the Auditorium Conciliazione of Rome you’ll be immersed in a show with 270º projections that have never been seen before, the most innovative technologies that are so perfectly mixed with art, theatrical performances and music to leave once mesmerised and transported back in time.

“The Last Judgement” not only has innovative technology to make it stand out, but also some contribution by A-List superstars. Sting sings the main theme song, Pierfrancesco Favino plays the voice of Michelangelo, and Susan Sarandon voices the Bible. If you’re in Rome this summer, you could be one of the first to see this show, which is already being touted as a classic.

Click here for more info.

3. Enjoy Italian Opera Under the Stars at the Baths of Caracalla


The Baths of Caracalla, a place of vibrant social activity in Ancient Rome have turned their ruins into an open-air stage where tourists and locals flock every summer!

Rome’s Teatro dell’Opera changes location during summer to bring a list of operas, such as Carmen(14th of July – 2nd of August) Traviata (3rd – 20th of July) and the ballet Romeo and Juliet (27th of July -4th of August) to life under the nights sky.

This summer, not only are these classics available to see and experience, but live concerts ranging from Bjork to James Taylor are also on the programme! Click here for a list of all the incredible events offered at the enchanting venue this summer!

4. Indulge in All the Gelato You Can Eat

All the gelato you can eat!

One of the perks of being in Rome during Summer is the abundance of gelato, granite (Italian slushies), and grattachecca (traditional Roman slushies) available to keep you cool!

Everyone has their favourite gelato stop in this city, and with good reason. Although all gelato has the same base, there are many variations to make each flavour unique. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a guide to the Best Gelato in Rome!

Besides the plethora of options on the gelato forefront, don’t forget to try out Rome’s signature drink, La Grattachecca. Walk anywhere down the Tiber River and you’ll come across a small, green, wooden kiosk serving up the traditional treat. This should not be confused with the granita, however. What makes the grattachecca special is that it’s still made the old fashioned way: by shaving a large block of ice called “checca” with a small rake, or “raschietto”, that grates the ice into the most perfect shaved consistency. There are many ways to top the ice, whether it be artisan fruit syrups, fresh squeezed juices and your choice of fruit. Grab a grattachecca, take a seat along the river and enjoy the view that the Eternal City offers!

5. Visit the Newly-opened Top Tiers of the Colosseum for a New Perspective!

The Colosseum

Whether this is your first time visiting Rome or your 7th, you’re going to want to  visit to the Colosseum again! For the first time in decades, the grand Colosseum has opened up access to its highest tiers, allowing visitors to get a truly unique view of the city and the arena itself. The VIP area is only open to select tour operators, and we just so happen to be one of them! Check out our special Colosseum Top Tiers VIP Access Tour, which also includes a guided visit to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum.

We Hope to See You in Rome this Summer

Contact us at What A Life Tours for all of your Rome needs. We provide quality tours, five star guides, and customised itineraries so you can make the best of your time in The Eternal City!

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