Gladiator's Gate


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Gladiator's Gate


Max 14




3.5 hrs


Multiple AM & PM

Book our award-winning Colosseum Underground Tour with exclusive priority access. We take you past the lines to enter Rome’s world-famous amphitheater as the gladiators did, on the Arena Floor, then below to its subterranean dungeons, and up to the 2nd Ring, followed by the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, all in groups of 14 people or fewer! Your Skip-the-line Colosseum tickets included.

At a Glance Why You'll Love It

  • Skip general admission lines to begin your visit at the Arena Floor gates, then explore the Colosseum Underground and take in the view from the 2nd Tier.

  • Gain incredible insight on the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with an expert story-teller to unveil the area’s archaeological treasures.

  • You’ll never be a number in a small group of only 14 people or fewer. This Colosseum Underground Tour allows for personal attention you won't find with larger groups.

Tour Summary Get in the Know

Colosseum Underground, Arena Floor & 2nd Tier

If you've been dreaming about visiting Rome's iconic Flavian Amphitheater then our Colosseum Underground Tour is for you. After skipping the general admission lines, and heading to this amazing edifice's backdoor, a.k.a. 'the gladiator's entrance', you'll be treated to sections that are completely closed off to standard ticket-holders. This means you'll have areas almost or completely to yourself at a monument that gets over 6 million visitors per year. You'll also stand exactly where the heat of the action took place on the Arena Floor, and in ancient underground corridors.  

Seeing the Colosseum from these totally unique perspectives is an emotional rush, heightened by the captivating historic narrative supplied by your passionate guide, who'll separate fact from myth on one of the most intriguing sites in the world. Find out what each area of the Colosseum was used for, the engineering feats behind every brick, and how this bloodthirsty ring reflected the political and social values of Ancient Rome herself. You'll also get to take in its magnificent interior from the 2nd Tier to see how the games looked from above. 

Explore the Forum with an Expert Guide

After exploring the Colosseum from three unrivaled vantage points, you'll be off along the Via Sacra to see the monolithic Arch of Constantine, built by Rome's first Christian Emperor in the 4th century AD, before descending into what once was the pulsing center of this vast ancient civilization. Walking into the Roman Forum is as close to time travel as it gets, as your guide unlocks the aura of glory still hidden among these ruins. Visual aids and vivid descriptions abound as open-air antiquity returns to life, and the marble columns hum to the beat of orators, emperors and triumphing centurions. 

See how ancient temples were repurposed to churches, the senate-house Julius Caesar was building when he was assassinated, the exact spot his funeral pyre burned and much more, all the while listening to the perks and punishments reserved for Vestal Virgins and the exploits behind every single triumphal arch. Our guides provide you with history's missing pages, that extraordinary insight into the personalities and events that shaped western culture right from this spot.

Uncover the Palatine Hill An Opulent Past

Overshadowed by the Colosseum and Roman Forum, in reality it's the Palatine Hill that casts its shadow over both. Legend says it was here that Romulus founded Rome, setting the history we all know in motion, and the archaeological record confirms settlements began on this hilltop as early as the 8th century BC.

This hill was so lavish in its heyday that the word "palace" actually derives from it. Follow your guide for some of the best views of the Caput Mundi, looking over the Forum on one side, the Circus Maximus on the other, and explore the extravagant remains of many an imperial palace.

What You'll See Along the Way

Please Note*

For security reasons all visitors must present valid photo identification in order to be granted access to the Colosseum. Photocopies are acceptable.

Tour dates and times are subject to change depending on availability. The exact times and dates are released by the Colosseum on the first Monday of the month preceding the tour. All tour operators at the venue work within these parameters.

Due to extreme weather conditions, authorities may close off restricted areas for safety reasons as the underground could flood. If this occurs, we will try to reschedule your tour, subject to availability, or run the tour as a standard Colosseum tour without the special access areas. Refunds will be issued for the difference in cost.

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Colosseum Underground Reviews

What Our Customers Say...

Overall rating
Absolutely Brilliant!

Michele was an absolutely brilliant guide, just the right amount of humour with a wonderful in depth knowledge - we completely forgot our sore feet within 5 minutes of his excellent approach.

I cannot commend him enough - truly excellent - Thank you!


HIghlight of Trip!
The four of us had a fantastic tour with Carlotta.  Carlotta was highly engaging, incredibly informative, and had an obvious passion for the subject matter.  She held the attention of our 15 year old  and 5 year old for the entire length of the tour.  Carlotta’s knowledge of the archaeological and art history aspects really helped deepen our understanding and appreciation. Her informative vignettes, and ability to be flexible and add humour if things arose (like a massive group tour entering right before us) were greatly appreciated.  The tour was certainly the highlight of our trip to Rome!
Jenn, Mike, Alex, Bennett. 
Definitely recommend

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Martina our guide was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, polite and funny! We took the Underground Coliseum Tour with the Forum and Palantine Hill-  we would definitely recommend! 


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