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FAQs: Colosseum Tours


Do your Colosseum Tours include admission fees?

Yes, all of our Colosseum Tours include the admission and reservation fees.


Do your Colosseum Tours include skip-the-line access?

Yes, all of our Colosseum Tours include skip-the-line access to all sights visited. This means that we use the special group entrance with pre-reserved timed-entry tickets, so you’ll never have to wait in long general access lines. Please note, however, the newly installed security check-point may cause delays.


Where do your Colosseum Tours meet?

All Colosseum Tours, except for Colosseum Under the Moon, meet outside the “Colosseo” subway stop directly across the street from the Colosseum entrance. Full details of the exact location are on the confirmation voucher you will receive upon booking your tour. If you are arriving by taxi, the driver will leave you at the top level of the station. You should then enter the station, go downstairs, and exit, and you will find us standing next to the newsstand. The Colosseum Under the Moon usually meets in front of the Altare della Patria in Piazza Venezia, but may meet where the others do, so please check your voucher. 


Is there a dress code for the Colosseum?

There is no dress-code as such, but we always recommend wearing comfortable shoes to ensure that sore feet won’t cut your experience short. In the warmer months, it’s also a good idea to bring a hat to protect from the sun.


How big are the groups on your "Colosseum Top Tiers Tour"?

The "Colosseum Top Tiers Tour" has maximum group size of 12 participants.


How big are the groups on your "Colosseum Underground Tour"?

The "Colosseum Underground Tour" has a maximum group size of 14 participants.


Can I bring a bag inside the Colosseum?

According to the Colosseum rules, only small backpacks or handbags are allowed inside the amphitheater. Please note that no storage facilities are available on site, which means you may be denied entry to the Colosseum if your bag is considered too large to bring inside.


Do your Colosseum Tours include the arena floor and underground level?

Only the “Colosseum Underground Tour” and "Colosseum Under the Moon" includes these exclusive areas of the Colosseum.


Will I be able to explore the sites on my own once my Colosseum tour is over?

Yes and no. Our Colosseum tours usually start in the Colosseum and conclude on the Palatine Hill. From the ending point you cannot re-enter the Colosseum without waiting in the line and purchasing a new ticket. Tour-goers are, however, able to continue exploring the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum at their leisure using the same ticket once the tour is over. If you book a private tour, we may be able to arrange it so that the tour ends in the Colosseum instead of the Palatine Hill.


Why are you charging for children under 6 years on your "Colosseum Underground Tour"? 

On this exclusive tour, we have a very limited number spots on each date. Since even infants are counted as a participant by the Colosseum authorities, we cannot sell those spots to other visitors who may wish to join. We therefore have to charge children under 6 years for the tour, but they always have a discount as noted on the tour page.