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Revel in antiquity as your guide dazzles you with tales from the Roman Empire on this afternoon tour of the Colosseum. The carefully crafted itinerary also covers the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum – all without the lines and in a small group of 12 people or fewer!

At a Glance Why You'll Love It

  • With your skip-the-line ticket in hand, you’ll cruise past the queues – leaving the crowds behind.

  • Dig deep into history in the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill as you examine the ancient ruins.

  • Small is good! In a group of 12 people or fewer, you’re guaranteed top-notch service from your expert guide.

Tour Summary Get in the Know

Stress-free access to world-famous sights

If you truly want to immerse yourself into the Eternal City’s 2500+ years of intriguing history, there is no better place to start than the Colosseum. The most spectacular edifice of Ancient Rome still in existence, this immortal amphitheater has a past filled with equal parts gore and glory – just like the Roman Empire itself. Over time, the boundary of history and legend may have been blurred out, but your guide will help you debunk the myths and shock you with stories even more jaw-dropping the ones you’ve seen played out on the silver screen. From wicked emperors to gruesome gladiator fights, we’ll delve right into the excitement from the get go!

In our book, sightseeing should be fun, casual and relaxing if done right – and we leave nothing to chance in order to make that happen! With fast-track access to Rome's most popular attraction, you’ll never have to worry about queuing up and can focus fully on enjoying your visit – just as it should be!

Catch a glimpse into life in ancient Rome

After our in-depth guided Colosseum tour, we'll take a short hike over to the adjacent Palatine Hill – the very birthplace of Rome. It was upon this grassy summit that a small hillside village took its first faltering steps towards becoming the largest Empire ever known to man. But what drove the first settlers to make their home here of all places? And how did the twins Romulus and Remus and their adoptive wolf mother fit into the complex equation? Your tour guide will straighten out those question marks (and many more!) as you ponder amongst scattered ruins on the most notable of Rome’s seven hills.

It’s only a hop, skip and a jump to downtown Ancient Rome, also known as the Roman Forum. This was once the central hub of the sprawling empire, where the early Romans would mix and mingle throughout its glory days. As you gaze upon towering triumphal arches and the imposing remnants of senate houses and hallowed temples, you’ll be mesmerized by the stories that have transpired on this very ground. Get the inside scoop on Marc Antony and Cleopatra’s epic love story and hear the thrilling tale of the conspiracy that cost Julius Caesar his life – but also learn how the great Roman Empire slowly began to crumble towards its dramatic demise in 500 AD.

No boring lectures – just infotainment at its best!

At What a Life Tours, we don’t believe in lackluster, might-as-well-be-reading-from-a-script types of tours. In a city with millennia of enthralling history, story-telling is the core of everything we do and we’re proud to say that we have some of the most animated cicerones in the business on our team. Every single one of our Colosseum guides has been hand-picked based on their stellar ability to engage, entertain and educate – and their rave-worthy qualities shine through in the thousands of 5-star TripAdvisor reviews they've received!

One thing we do believe in at What a Life Tours is interactive touring! Sharing your guide’s attention with no more (and often fewer!) than 11 other tour-goers, we ensure that you’ll always have personalized attention and time to ask any questions that pop along the way. Don’t hold back your curiousity because, ultimately, our goal is to enlighten you with a deeper understanding of the Roman Empire and a wider perspective on how today’s society has been shaped by this uniquely influential place and period in time.

What You'll See Along the Way

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Colosseum Afternoon Tour

What Our Customers Say...

Overall rating
5 5
Just the best!

We were totally satisfied with both of our tours. In each case MARIO was our tour guide and what a difference he made! Mario is articulate, intelligent, informative and entertaining. His bank of knowledge is so impressive and his delivery is so eloquent, we found ourselves wanting more and more. We have travelled extensively and toured with many groups and many guides, but none compare to Mario and this tour we took through What A Life Tours. Book today .... and ask for Mario .... you will NOT be disappointed!


PS After the 3.5 hour tour, Mario took the time to speak with us individually and to make recommendations for dinner at a couple of his favorite restaurants in Rome. Above and beyond for sure ,,,,,, AND his recommendations turned out to be outstanding as well! Definitely money well spent! 👏👏👏

5 5

Our tour guide was Carlotta (Charlotte). The knowledge she had about the colosseum & the roman forums was outstanding. we was all blown away.

thank you for an amazing afternoon.

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