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Best Markets in Rome

Sure, Rome is a prime destination for sightseeing and delving into history, but it’s also loaded with pop up markets – perfect for treasure hunting (or, what most simply refer to as “shopping”)! While the city’s main shopping strips offer a variety of name brands and shopping outlets, there’s no telling what you’ll find at these stops! From modern hand-crafted goods to collectible antiques and vintage clothes – here are some of Rome’s best markets for getting your rummage on!

Mercato Monti


Sat & Sun, 10am-8pm, Grand Hotel Palatino, Via Leonina, 46

This hip newschool market opens its doors every weekend showcasing local artists and creatives who set up to sell handmade jewellery, vintage clothes, and even home decor. At the heart of the young, lively neighbourhood of Monti, it’s a perfect place for tourists or locals to grab a genuine gift or souvenir that’s not kitsch! Have a look at some of their offerings here: www.mercatomonti.com

Porta Portese Market


Sundays 5am-2pm, Via Portuense

The mammoth of all Rome Markets is undoubtedly the Sunday Flea Market at Porta Portese! Hours easily fly by as you rummage through the stalls at this near-mile-long bazaar. As it runs along, it starts from second hand clothes to new and locally designed goods, and cheap knick-knacks to antiques – spotted with tiny treasures you never knew you needed.

Borghetto Faminio Market

Borghetto Flaminio Market

Sundays 10am-7pm, Piazza della Marina 32

If you’re a believer that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, you’re in for a fabulous treasure hunt of sorts. Roman flea markets are no joke, with tons of antiques mixing with in with vintage fashion, designer labels, and handmade goods. This particular market requires a small entry fee of €1.60 – but it is well worth it for the selection and truly authentic Roman atmosphere!

Fontanella Borghese Market

Fontanella Borghese Market

Mon-Sat, 9am-7pm, Largo Fontanella Borghese

This super central charm is frequently overlooked but is chalk-full of quality antiques and literary gems. Tiny kiosks are set up by some of the most charming sellers in the city. The market is comparably small, but the focus is on quality over quantity at this pop-up emporium, where collectibles and period pieces take the spotlight.

Mercato di Campo de’ Fiori

Campo de’ Fiori Market

Weekdays 9am-2pm, Piazza di Campo de’ Fiori

This 400-year-old market is exactly what you’d imagine when you think of a bustling Italian piazza! Coral-coloured buildings surround the cobblestone square, quarantined from mainstream traffic and filled with colourful stalls of handmade pasta, local liqueurs, fresh produce, and beautiful flowers. Sure, there are some cheesy souvenir booths in between, but the energy is undeniably infectious and charming. You can’t complain when you can sample tons of delicious snacks while snagging a quality Italian leather bag in one stop!

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