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5 Beautiful Beaches Near Rome, Italy

As temperatures soar in Italy, many city-goers make their way to the coast to enjoy a dip in the sea and a relaxing day under the sun. While tours of the Vatican and guided explorations of the Colosseum are certainly must-do activities for any Rome-bound traveler, there are many more noteworthy destinations that await your discovery along the shoreline. In this guide, we’ll reveal 5 beautiful beaches near Rome, Italy, and share our top tips on how to get there using public transportation.

Note that each of the beaches on this list feature sections that are open to the public for free. If you choose to visit during the peak summer months, however, be sure to arrive early to secure a spot and bring your own beach towels or chairs. Alternatively, you can opt to rent a sunbed or umbrella at one of the popular beach clubs, known as stabilimenti, located along the water for a more luxurious experience. Now, let’s dive into the seaside charm of Italy!

1. The Stunning Seaside of Santa Severa

The beaches at Santa Severa feature views of a historic castle!

One of the most breathtaking beaches near Rome is Santa Severa. What makes this location unique is the presence of a fourteenth-century castle that dominates the landscape. When you’re not laying out upon the vast sandy beach or swimming in the waves, you can tour the castle and explore the spellbinding village that surrounds it to uncover the rich history of the area. Further down the shore, you’ll find a variety of newer establishments where you can indulge in a delicious meal or a refreshing drink amidst the picturesque backdrop.

How to get to Santa Severa from Rome: From Termini Station, take the train to Santa Severa. The journey lasts about an hour. Alternatively, you can get the train from the Roma S. Pietro Station near the Vatican which is a bit quicker, coming in at around forty minutes. Tickets cost €4,10 each way. Once you arrive in Santa Severa, it’s a fifteen minute walk to reach the castle and beach!

2. The Charming Beach Town of Santa Marinella

Santa Marinella enchants visitors with its small town feel and sea views.

Just down the coast from Santa Severa, lies Santa Marinella. This quaint seaside oasis ranks among our favorite Rome day trips due to its cozy small town feel. Though its beauty dazzles year round, Santa Marinella really blossoms during the summer. Along the main beach, you’ll find several establishments where you can rent a sunbed and umbrella for the day. Not too far away, there is also a small free beach with a more rocky shore. The enchanting streets of Santa Marinella are worth exploring as well as they are adorned with unique architecture and lush landscaping.

How to get to Santa Marinella from Rome: Santa Marinella is situated along the same train route as Santa Severa, so the trip to get there is very similar, taking just a few minutes longer. From Termini Station, take the train to Santa Marinella and ride for about an hour. Alternatively, you can get the train from Roma S. Pietro Station near the Vatican which saves you twenty minutes or so. Tickets cost €4,60 each way. The train arrives right in the heart of the town which is less than a five minute stroll away from the beachfront.

3. The Colorful Shores of Nettuno

Explore the medieval heart of Nettuno then hit its sandy beaches for a day in the sun.

Nettuno is definitely one of the most underrated beach towns near Rome. Here, a medieval village known as the Borgo Medievale di Nettuno, is perched upon the hilltop overlooking the water. This gorgeous historic center welcomes travelers with a vibrant assortment of restaurants, bars, gelaterias and boutique shops. It’s truly a joy to explore! Once you make your way to the sand, you’ll be pleased to find an expansive waterfront dotted with palm trees, beach clubs and colorful palazzi.

How to get to Nettuno from Rome: From Termini Station, take the train to Nettuno. The journey lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes and tickets cost €3,60 each way. After disembarking, it’s a five minute walk to reach the beach and medieval Borgo.

4. The Lively & Convenient Coast of Ostia

Ostia is the easiest beach to reach via public transport in Rome which makes it a popular day trip destination.

Ostia is one of the most popular beaches in Rome, Italy, thanks to its close proximity to the city center. This residential area is full of life, especially during the summer as many Romans come here to escape the heat. Ostia is quite a large neighborhood, so you’ll encounter an abundance of things to do here, including lots of places to shop and many options for food. If you’re looking for a convenient beach near Rome to visit, Ostia may be for you. Keep in mind, however, that it can get quite crowded, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly.

How to get to Ostia from Rome: From Termini Station, take the Metro B for four stops to Piramide. At Piramide, transfer to the connected Roma Porta S. Paolo Station and take the train in the direction of Cristoforo Colombo for nine stops until you reach Lido Centrale. Then, it’s just a ten minute walk to reach the coastline. Note that you can embark on this adventure using a standard metro ticket which costs €1,50 each way!

5. The Crystal Clear Waters of Sperlonga

Sperlonga is a picture-perfect hilltop town surrounded by pristine beaches.

Undoubtedly, some of the best beaches near Rome are in Sperlonga. Though you have to travel the furthest distance to get here out of all the destinations on this list, it’s by all means worth it! The picturesque cliffside town is famed for its narrow alleyways and postcard-worthy buildings painted in varying hues of white. After you’ve explored the historic heart of Sperlonga, head down to one of the beaches on either side to relax on the soft sand and swim in the pristine waters. The extra effort you put in to get to Sperlonga on this day trip from Rome will pay off as soon as you take in its immense beauty!

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome: From Termini Station, take the train to Fondi-Sperlonga. The journey takes about an hour and twenty minutes. Once you hop off the train, purchase tickets within the train station for a bus that will take you to the city center of Sperlonga which is just a twenty minute drive away. Note that train tickets start at €7,00 each way and bus tickets cost €1,50 each way.

Discover the Wonders of Italy on Tour with us!

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to the best beaches near Rome, Italy. These seaside havens offer the perfect escape on a hot day and allow you to explore new scenic corners of the country. If a trip to Rome is in your future, we’d love to welcome you on one of our beloved guided tours of Rome or exclusive tours of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. We also offer a variety of top-rated tours of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City!

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